A Magic Item (魔法の道具 Mahō no Dōgu?) is an object with magic properties used for different practical functions.


Magic Items are special items that possess a magical ability that can be exploited by its possessor. Unlike other magic tools, Magic Items have their own magical power, which allows them to be used by non-magical humans. Some may be enchanted and modified from ordinary items.

Magic Items can be bought and sold at magical stores like the Magic Item Cafe, for which a special license is required.

Notable Variations

Magic Weapons

Magic Weapons refers to weapons crafted/enchanted with magical gimmicks and other quirks which make them more powerful than ordinary weapons.

Magic Jewelries

Magic Jewelries refers to jewelries enhanted/crafted with gimmicks that enhanced the wearer's attributes.


Potion refers to special concoctions (often in form of liquid) that can provoke magical effects.

Known Magic Items

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