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Magic Jewelry are a type of magic item in the form of accessories imbued with magic which featured in Little Witch Academia: Chamber of Time.


Other than personal adornment, jewelry worn by witches are utilized to gain an edge in combat. This because such accessories are endowed with special gimmicks and other quirks to improve their wearer's capabilities be it magic, physical attributes, or elemental affinities through enchantments. While some are originally regular jewelry from start, others are already crafted with magical attributes of its own.


# Name Description Image
1. Leather Bracelet A bracelet made of tanned leather. It matches almost anything, making it an easy accessory to wear. Leather Bracelet LWA CoT
2. Green Bracelet A green leather bracelet. Its gentle hue has a relaxing effect on the wearer. Green Bracelet LWA CoT
3. Red Bracelet A red leather bracelet. The brilliant fire on the red ignites the passion of its wearer. Red Bracelet LWA CoT
4. Stone Bangle A bangle carved from solid stone. A throwback to another time, evidence that all fashion moves in cycles. Stone Bangle LWA CoT
5. Yellow Bracelet A yellow bracelet. Its vivid yellow hue gives the wearer a cheery and optimistic outlook. Yellow Bracelet LWA CoT
6. Blue Bracelet A blue leather bracelet. Its soft cerulean hue is like a cloudless sky. Blue Bracelet LWA CoT
7. Chain Bangle A bangle of fine entwined chains. Popular with witches who prefer the tomboy look. Chain Bangle LWA CoT
8. Glass Bangle A bangle of solid glass. Though beautiful to behold, it must be handled with extreme care. Glass Bangle LWA CoT
9. Cheap Bangle A bangle that looks cheap, because it is. There's nothing wrong with it per se, but it's a bit embarrassing. Cheap Bangle LWA CoT
10. Purple Bracelet A purple leather bracelet. Its unusual amethyst tint exudes a strangely enchanting aura. Purple Bracelet LWA CoT
11. Orange Bracelet An orange leather bracelet. The vibrant color instills the user with vitality. Orange Bracelet LWA CoT
12. Bronze Bangle A bangle of pure bronze. Though considered inferior to silver or gold, many find its unique color charming. Bronze Bangle LWA CoT
13. Gold Bangle A bangle of solid gold. The problem with such a fine accessory is that one hesitates to let it take a hit. Gold Bangle LWA CoT
14. Acrylic Bangle A bangle of clear acrylic. It looks like costume jewelry, but it's still considered an item of high fashion. Acrylic Bangle LWA CoT
15. Silver Bangle A bangle of pure silver. Its soft luster has enchanted people through the ages. Silver Bangle LWA CoT
16. Platinum Bangle A bangle of pure platinum. It's said to have been the prized possession of a long-dead knight captain. Platinum Bangle LWA CoT
17. Goblin Bangle A bangle made in classic goblin fashion. Though crude, it's extremely durable, earning it a loyal following. Goblin Bangle LWA CoT
18. Mithril Bangle A bangle of pure mithril, an extremely hard material that is nearly impossible to scratch. Mithril Bangle LWA CoT
19. Titanium Bangle This bangle of pure titanium boasts a solid design, whose only drawback is that it feels rather heavy. Titanium Bangle LWA CoT
20. Rhinestone Bangle A bangle inlaid with eye-catching rhinestones. The stones are easily knocked loose, so do be careful. Rhinestone Bangle LWA CoT
21. Metal Bangle This bangle of solid iron was once considered a mainstay of warriors who set out on grand adventures. Metal Bracelet Bangle LWA CoT
22. Bone Bangle A bangle made from whittled bones. Who made it, and what creature the bones came from, are anyone's guess. Bone Bangle LWA CoT
23. Adamant Bangle A bangle forged of solid adamant. An extremely hard material, it protects from all manner of attacks. Adamant Bangle LWA CoT
24. Lamia Bangle A bangle crafted to look like a snake wrapped around the wearer's wrist. The surface even resembles scales. Lamia Bangle LWA CoT
25. White Bracelet A white leather bracelet. Its unblemished surface is ideal for anyone desiring a fresh start. White Bracelet LWA CoT
26. Black Bracelet A black leather bracelet. Its chic onyx look gives the wearer a grown-up appearance. Black Bracelet LWA CoT
27. Sapphire Bangle A bangle set with an azure sapphire deep as the evening sky. It is said to help the wearer keep a cool head. Sapphire Bangle LWA CoT
28. Rainbow Bracelet A multi-hued leather bracelet. The method used to make the leather swim with color is a well-kept secret. Rainbow Bracelet LWA CoT
29. Shadow Bangle A bangle of ominous darkness. Its jet-black surface swallows even the brightest light. Shadow Bangle LWA CoT
30. Crystal Bangle A bangle made of unblemished crystal. It has been infused with potent magics by a succession of great mages. Crystal Bangle LWA CoT


# Name Description Image
1. Simple Necklace A cloth necklace with no outstanding features. It is endearingly comfortable and simple to use. Simple Charm LWA CoT
2. Snake Charm A pendant necklace with a snake motif. Its intertwining body weaves a mysterious shape. Snake Charm LWA CoT
3. Rabbit Charm A pendant necklace with a rabbit motif. The long ears are particularly adorable. Rabbit Charm LWA CoT
4. Zebra Charm A pendant necklace with a zebra motif. Its two-tone color scheme is quite popular. Zebra Charm LWA CoT
5. Sisterhood Charm A necklace featuring a large cross. Those who wear it are said to be blessed with divine protection. Sisterhood Charm LWA CoT
6. Deneb Charm A necklace with an elegant swan motif. Those who wear it have a boon of heightened grace and endurance. Deneb Charm LWA CoT
7. Halfling Choker A wooden necklace carved by halfling artisans. Its intricate carvings cannot be replicated by human hands. Halfling Choker LWA CoT
8. Hawk Charm A pendant necklace with a hawk motif. The gemstones used for its eyes glimmer brightly. Hawk Charm LWA CoT
9. Velvet Choker A choker made of rich velvet. Even witches who typically shun chokers appreciate its well-designed clasp. Velvet Choker LWA CoT
10. Amazon Choker A choker depicting a bow-wielding Amazon. Many witches feel a fondness for their wild, kindred spirits. Amazon Choker LWA CoT
11. Sheep Charm A pendant necklace with a sheep motif. Its soft, fluffy appearance is the work of a true artisan. Sheep Charm LWA CoT
12. Valkyrie Choker A choker with a sword motif. Popular with young witches who aspire to the strength of the warrior-woman. Valkyrie Choker LWA CoT
13. Leopard Charm A pendant necklace with a leopard motif. The leopard looks like it could spring into a sprint at any moment. Leopard Charm LWA CoT
14. Lace Choker A choker made of delicate lace. An essential item for witches who prize a stylish look. Lace Choker LWA CoT
15. Wolf Charm A pendant necklace with a wolf motif. The silhouette of the howling wolf cuts a striking figure. Wolf Charm LWA CoT
16. Queen's Choker. A choker adorned with a queenly crown in miniature. The jewel-encrusted crown evokes royal opulence. Queen's Choker LWA CoT
17. Cockatrice Charm A necklace whose pendant is made from the feather of a cockatrice. Cockatrice Charm LWA CoT
18. Elfin Choker A cloth choker woven by elves. It features a beautiful plant motif. Elfin Choker LWA CoT
19. Raven Charm A pendant necklace with a raven motif. Its wings are furled, and it seems to be searching for prey. Raven Charm LWA CoT
20. Eagle Charm A pendant necklace with an eagle motif. The razor-sharp talons glint with menace. Eagle Charm LWA CoT
21. Kunoichi Choker A necklace depicting a female ninja wielding a shuriken. A favorite with fans of eastern culture. Kunoichi Choker LWA CoT
22. Emerald Charm A pendant necklace featuring an emerald as green as fresh leaves. Said to bring luck to any who wear it. Emerald Charm LWA CoT
23. Demon's Choker A black choker with a demonic feather motif. It channels the raw energy that seeps from the spirit realm. Demon's Choker LWA CoT
24. ??? ??? Sparrow Necklace LWA CoT
25. Owl Charm A pendant necklace with an owl motif. The slight tilt of its head gives it just the right touch of cuteness. Owl Charm LWA CoT
26. Princess's Choker A choker adorned with a princess's tiara in miniature. A simple way to attain a regal look. Princess' Choker LWA CoT
27. Peacock Charm A pendant with a peacock motif. An array of brilliantly colored jewels recreate the bird's vivid feathers. Peacock Charm LWA CoT
28. Faerie Choker A choker decorated with faeries' silhouettes. They say the blessing of a faerie-kind follows any who wear it. Faerie Choker LWA CoT
29. Cosmos Charm A necklace laden with powerful magic. Those who wear it can control even the most devastating magic power. Cosmos Charm LWA CoT
30. Angel Choker A white choker with an angelic feather motif. It channels the light that rains down from the heavens. Angel Choker LWA CoT


# Name Description Image
1. Toy Ring An exceptionally cheap toy ring. Though it's far from an heirloom item, the design isn't half bad. Toy Ring LWA CoT
2. Vine Ring A ring woven from living vines. Though not the most elegant piece, the raw power of nature is undeniable. Vine Ring LWA CoT
3. Familiar Ring A designer ring at a low price. A favorite of witches young and old. Familiar Ring LWA CoT
4. Empusa Ring A ring with two protrusions that resemble the arms of a praying mantis. It has a devoted set of followers. Empusa Ring LWA CoT
5. Cross Ring A ring with a cross motif. Some witches wear it as a ward against evil. Cross Ring LWA CoT
6. Pearl Ring A ring set with a large, tear-shaped pearl. It has a refined look that suits a more mature wearer. Pearl Ring LWA CoT
7. Pinky Ring A small ring meant to be worn on the pinky, featuring a popular, slim design. Pinky Ring LWA CoT
8. Apollo Ring A beautiful ring with the sun in relief. The crystal that crowns it shines brilliantly in sunlight. Apollo Ring LWA CoT
9. Heart Ring A slender ring with a heart motif. Though it holds no great magic, it has a reliable group of admirers. Heart Ring LWA CoT
10. Feather Ring A ring etched with feathers in relief. Those who wear it claim it makes them feel just a little bit lighter. Feather Ring LWA CoT
11. Must-Have Ring Young witches can't stop talking about this ring, but it's a bit silly when half the class is wearing one. Must-Have Ring LWA CoT
12. Friendship Ring One of a pair of rings worn by two close friends, each engraved with the name of the other. Friendship Ring LWA CoT
13. Hex Ring A ring with a prominent hexagram in relief. Used in the eastern lands to ward off magic. Hex Ring LWA CoT
14. Vega Ring A ring with thirteen lines that resemble a koto. A spiritcaller can make it produce a most enchanting rune. Vega Ring LWA CoT
15. Ghost Ring An ill-omented ring haunted by a restless soul. Consider exorcising the ring before attempting to wear it. Ghost Ring LWA CoT
16. Adept Ring A ring once worn by a great mage. They say it has the power to heighten the wearer's focus and concentration. Adept Ring LWA CoT
17. Flourishing Ring A ring that helps its wearer flourish and grow. The ideal gift for a young witch setting out on her studies. Flourishing Ring LWA CoT
18. Shaman Ring A ring used by shamans on spirit journeys. The wearer can almost hear the whisper of the ancestors. Shaman Ring LWA CoT
19. Ruby Ring A ring set with a red jewel that burns like fire. They say this ring can lead those who wear it to victory. Ruby Ring LWA CoT
20. Gorgeous Ring The brilliant light reflected by the jewels in this ring makes it seem expensive, but it is far too gaudy. Gorgeous Ring LWA CoT
21. Broom Ring A ring etched with a broom in relief. Sadly, wearing this ring does nothing to improve one's broom riding. Broom Ring LWA CoT
22. Sorcery Ring A ring once treasured by a famed court sorcerer. The band is engraved with magic glyphs that regulate power. Sorcery Ring LWA CoT
23. Royal Ring A ring handed down for generations within a wealthy royal family now known only by the ring itself. Royal Ring LWA CoT
24. Illusion Ring A ring worn by the greatest acrobat the world had ever seen. The band's glyphs bolster confidence. Illusion Ring LWA CoT
25. Venus Ring A ring with the face of the goddess Venus in relief. Made as a gift to members of the royal family. Venus Ring LWA CoT
26. Spirit Ring A ring haunted by a wandering spirit. Those who wear it can move between this world and the spirit realm. Spirit Ring LWA CoT
27. Relic Ring A ring excavated from ancient ruins. The meaning of the words engraved around the band remains lost in time. Relic Ring LWA CoT
28. Artemis Ring An exquisite ring with the moon in relief. Its true markings only reveal themselves in darkness. Artemis Ring LWA CoT
29. Spell Ring A ring engraved with mystic runes. Though small in size, it harbors an abundance of magic power. Spell Ring LWA CoT
30. Sacred Ring A ring forged long ago as an offering. Whoever bears this ring walks as an emissary of the gods. Sacred Ring LWA CoT
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