The Magic Keys (魔法のキー Mahō no Kagi?) refers to seven special keys that featured in the game Little Witch Academia: Chamber of Time. Each of them provides the access to their respective dungeons which linked to the Horologium Chamber by inserting it into the Chamber's Sealed Door.


The magic keys are special keys which created in order to access 7 different dungeons linked with the Horologium Chamber by inserting them into the keyhole of the Chamber's Sealed Door; Ruins of Canopus, Mimosa Forest, Mountain Ankaa, Regulus Mine, Shaula Desert, Gienah Tundra, and Labyrinth of Pollux. The reason of this was because Ley Lines between the Door and said dungeons are inaccessible through normal means; the dungeons themselves are in fact, very regions they seemingly named after albeit in different time period, specifically Golden Age of Magic era. Each key has seven lesser variants which grant the access to specific areas of the main key's dungeon where each area more treacherous than the previous.



Though not confirmed, it's implied that the Keys were created as part of experiments on Time Magic alongside Magichron, Do-Over Clock, and Horologium Chamber's Great Clock long ago until most applications of such craft deemed forbidden. Whereas the Magic Keys were originally stored in the Chamber, the Magichron was hidden at Regulus Mines whereas its spellstones at Shaula Desert and Gienah Tundra.

With exception of Canopus Key, Magic Keys held an important role in restoring Molly McIntyre, a Golden Magic Age-era Luna Nova student who was afflicted with the Curse of Time and warped into Ghost Witch as result. The professor at that time utilized the Keys to access their dungeons to hide pieces of her Classic Witch Set, having used the set to contain splintered fragments of her Ghost Witch half (with exception of seventh fragment that locked in Time Void behind the Chamber's Sealed Door) as part of the procedure to break the curse. They then hid the Magic Keys at different locations in Luna Nova so no one can find them and thus ensuring those fragments won't be disturbed as the magic seal they placed over the Chamber continuously erode the curse until it is eventually broken.

Little Witch Academia: Chamber of Time

Sometime prior to the first day of summer holiday, the power of hidden Magic Keys somehow awakened sometime prior to the first day of summer holiday, triggering anomalies which Wangari collectively labelled as "Seven Wonders of Luna Nova". While most Luna Nova inhabitants don't take such phenomenon seriously, it soon comes to Akko and co.'s attention as they discovered the missing Keys being partly responsible for said anomalies while finding the way to break the time loop. As they run out of the options, the gang decided to investigate the Final Wonder which culminated to them learn the truth about what happened in the Horologium Chamber 200 year ago.

List of Keys

# Image Description Dungeon
First key
Canopus Key

The Magic Key which grants the access to Canopus Ruins befitting to its clockwork motif. It is also the only Key that remained at Horologium Chamber and subsequently, neither involved in Golden Magic Age-era professors' attempt to break the Curse of Time that corrupted Molly nor triggering any of Seven Wonders.

Canopus Ruins

The ruins this Key linked to, was once known as Canopus Keep said to possess a stand that held Sword of Canopus, legendary sword capable to slay even dragons. It was the gang's exploration at this dungeon which confirmed every dungeon linked with Horologium Chamber and regions they share their name with are same location and that the former take place in Golden Magic Age.

Second key
Mimosa Key

The Magic Key which grants the access to Mimosa Forest and the catalyst of The Cursed Doll, one of the Seven Wonders of Luna Nova. It was found inside a voodoo doll which allegedly always dancing in the night at the academy's courtyard, a phenomenon which unfortunately left unconfirmed with Sucy ended up using it for her Bittershroom experiment.

Mimosa Forest

Mimosa Forest is a lush forest that resembles Arcturus Forest and even share same floras and faunas include Cockatrice and Mandrake, except being constantly enveloped by pinkish fog that one must be careful in venturing through the forest. Jasminka mentioned that during Golden Age of Magic, the forest was famed for being the source of ingredients to make Mimosa Burger, a dish which so famous that many kings ventured there just to cook some. Akko and co. ventured there to defeat Elder Treant so they can take some of its sap for Constanze to fix Horologium Chamber's Great Clock with and looted Classic Witch's Hat nearby along the way, unknowingly brought a fragment of Molly's Ghost Witch half with them.

Third key
Ankaa Key

The Magic Key which grants the access to Mountain Ankaa and the catalyst of UFO Sightings at Luna Nova, one of the Seven Wonders of Luna Nova. It was hidden inside an old kettle somewhere at the academy until the key's awakened latent power disturbed its faery, causing it to possess the kettle and fly around uncontrollably on the night sky, leading to the alleged UFO sightings. Akko used Telepathy Magic to stop the possessed kettle, causing it to crash and allowed her to remove the key, subsequently relieving the faery from its exhausting struggle.

Mountain Ankaa

Mountain Ankaa is a hellish volcanic environment, with its most notable inhabitant being the dreaded Cerberus, the huge 3-headed demonic hound. Other inhabitants include Miniature Dragons (smaller cousins of Briton Red Dragons) and some Lizardmen. Akko and the gang traveled there to take few drops of blood from the Cerberus, all while looting some treasures in its lair where among them being Classic Witch's Shoes, the second retrieved piece of Molly's Classic Witch Set along with the fragment of her Ghost Witch half within.

Fourth key
Regulus Key

The Magic Key which grants the access to Regulus Mines and the catalyst of Hands from the Ground, one of the Seven Wonders of Luna Nova. The Key's awakened latent power summoned spectral arms which manifested on the ground around Jennifer Memorial Tree, grabbing anyone who dare to approach the tree and restrained them for one hour. Evading their reach with Floating Magic in order to reach Memorial Tree's base, Akko successfully dispelled the arms by removing Regulus Key from it.

Regulus Mines

Regulus Mine is a vast network of mines infested by monsters and other creatures such as slimes, skeletons, lesser titans, and hi-tech armor-clad minotaurs. The mine also has a large cart as means to quickly transverse around. It was here Akko and co. found the legendary magical hourglass Magichron among loots near Giant Slime's lair, though its spellstones were nowhere to be found since they were hidden somewhere else. Other loots include Classic Witch's Belt, the third retrieved piece of Molly's Classic Witch Set along with the fragment of her Ghost Witch half inside.

Fifth key
Shaula Key

The Magic Key which grants the access to Shaula Desert and the catalyst of The Wet Chair, one of the Seven Wonders of Luna Nova. Shaula Key was hidden in Luna Nova's Weather Ball until its awakened latent power interfered the artifact's magic, resulting it to fall and somehow at the same time clog its fountain's water flow. Subsequently, a leak was formed on the cafeteria's ceiling with water constantly dripping on one of the chairs below, making it looked as if that chair was constantly wet. Shortly after discovering the actual reason of such phenomenon, Akko used Mending Magic on the Weather Ball, restoring it and removed Shaula Key at the same time. The Key's discovery confirmed Akko's suspicion over the connection between Magic Keys and their respective Wonders.

Shaula Desert

Shaula Desert is a desert inhabited by Shaula Ants, a race of giant, semi-anthropomorphic magical ants native in the region alongside other creatures. In addition of being a habitat of some magical creatures, the desert appeared to be a fossil site, as well-preserved skeletons of tyrannosaurids can be seen on the background revealed by occasional sandstorms that took place there. Akko and co. ventured into one of their hives for Searing Sand Spellgem, one of the two spellstones required to activate the Magichron. The Spellgem itself happened to be among treasures hoarded by said hive' Ant Queen, and that they have to defeat her in order to claim it. After defeating the Ant Queen, they retrieved the Spellgem along with other loots include Classic Witch's Robe, the fourth retrieved piece of Molly's Classic Witch Set along with the fragment of her Ghost Witch half within.

Sixth key
Gienah Key

The Magic Key which grants the access to Gienah Tundra and the catalyst of The Running Skeleton, one of the Seven Wonders of Luna Nova. It was hidden inside the skull of an old skeleton model which currently belonged to Lukic. Shortly after the elderly professor gave the skeleton model a medicinal bath to simulate the joint pain a day before the first day of summer holiday, Gienah Key's awakened latent power reacted to remaining residue of her concoctions in the skeleton model, bringing it to life on the next night where it ran around the school grounds like a sprinter. The same reaction gave it some measure of sapience, as the animated skeleton model proved persistent enough to give Akko a hard time in stopping it during their first confrontation. Under Lukic's suggestion, Akko casted a Puppet Magic spell from behind to restrict its movements on the next encounter, dismantling it and allowed her to retrieve the Key within.

Gienah Tundra

Gienah Tundra is a snowy tundra with periodical blizzards that take place in the region, and is abundant with deposits of Silverfang Stones, special or which suitable to craft magical weapons that can banish restless souls of wild animals and famed for its role in defeating the legendary Devilclaw. Divine Dragon, a legendary dragon with the power to see through time, established a snowy mountain at the heart of this region as its home to escape those who seek to exploit its power for their own gain. The dragon also happened to possess Frosted Snow Spellgem among its loots in its lair, prompting Akko and co. who explored Gienah Tundra to defeat it in order to retrieve the Spellgem. After subduing Divine Dragon, they claimed the Spellgem along with other loots include Classic Witch's Bracelet, the fifth retrieved piece of Molly's Classic Witch Set along with the fragment of her Ghost Witch half within.

Seventh key
Pollux Key

The Magic Key which grants the access to the Labyrinth of Pollux and the catalyst of Faceless Portrait, one of the Seven Wonders of Luna Nova as well as the last missing Key retrieved by Akko. The Key was implied to be magically sealed inside a 200 years old canvas that later used by a Luna Nova professor of magical arts to draw a painting of Woodward based on her depiction in ancient books. Unfortunately, said professor departed from the academy before she could complete the painting's face and shortly afterwards, the Key's awakened latent power caused it to manifest glowing eyes at night. The uproar from such phenomenon prompted Finnelan to move the unfinished painting which originally hanged at Class 3-1 to Storeroom A to control the situation. After gained the access for said storeroom, Akko examined the painting as the night came, at which its right eye started to glow. Upon closer inspection however, the glow turned out to be the moonlight reflected by Pollux Key that already materialized at the nearby window somehow, allowing her to take the Key.

Labyrinth of Pollux

Labyrinth of Pollux is a vast labyrinth with numerous gates that can only be opened with their respective levers. Some levers even located inside secret rooms that need to be opened to access them. While the labyrinth is infested with monsters as with the rest, they are the least of the intruders' concern as it is the very home of Time Demon a demon with power over the time itself. The demon chose to seclude himself there so no one can carelessly exploit his dangerous gift, only allowing those who possesses Talisman of Time to face and negotiate with him. During Akko and co.'s confrontation against Time Demon in his Titan-like form at the heart of the labyrinth, the gang managed to slip Classic Witch's Ring nearby into their pocket before being forced to retreat, completing Molly's Classic Witch Set in their possession. This in turn, allowed all fragments of Molly's Ghost Witch half inside the Set (with exception of final fragment behind the Sealed Door of Horologium Chamber) to reunite with her human half, restoring most of her missing memories and powers which allowed her to remember who she was.

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