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The Magic Wands are magical tools predominantly used by witches to channel magical energy and perform magic. They are part of the basic equipment of a witch and her male counterparter wizard.


Magic Wands can come in different designs and shapes, but they all share the same function: To channel the magic energy from the Ley Lines through the Sorcerer's Stone and in turn, allowing its user to perform magical feats. This is mainly done by using verbal spells, however, it is possible to perform magic without them. While the energy they can handle within their batteries is limited, using a source like the Sorcerer's Stone allows the magic to be used freely.

Magic wands are the main means by which witches perform their magic but there are also other objects such as the Shiny Rod and potions that also allow the use of magic.

While Magic Wands are primarily used by witches, it is not exclusive to them. Their male counterparts, Wizards, also use wands to cast magic, though this only implied and has yet to be confirmed until this point.

Wand Accessory

To improve its functionality on certain situations, the user can attach following attachments on his/her wand for such purpose:

# Name Description Image
1. Floating Brush Thick brush attachment which emits anti-gravity field which enables the user to float or slow his/her descent while falling. As demonstrated by Diana, three wands that each attached with a floating brush can be combined into a flying broom in emergency situations.
2. Stocks Resembling standard gun stock, this attachment allows a caster to aim his/her wand like a rifle and increase her precision in firing spells. Also has a built-in laser sight to increase accuracy further.

Note: Only featured as a joke in The Enchanted Parade movie.

6c851faab1c804d32e079e5ca6fb02a6bc1a66f0 hq.jpg
3. Enchanted Swatter A fly swatter head which turns a wand that attached with it into magical fly swatter capable of effectively squashing magical insects and breaking their enchantments at the same time such as cupid bees. Requires either Weapon-Wand Fusion Powder or Weapon-Wand Fusion Spell to bring out the attachment's full potential. Enchanted Swatter LWA.jpg

Type of Wands

Child Wand

Child Wands are typically shorter than the rest of the types, and utilized to train young witches basics of magic before continuing the study at magical schools such as Luna Nova Magical Academy.

# Name Description Image
1. Diana's Child Wand A child wand belonged to Diana. As with other wands manufactured and utilized by Cavendish family, it takes the appearance of wooden rod with a white snake-shaped handle that wraps around almost the entire wand. Dianachw.png
2. Chariot's Child Wand A child wand belonged to Chariot. It is fashioned out of a twig with bandaged handle. Chariot first wand.png

Standard Wand

Standard Wand is the mass-manufactured models of wands. Each design and aesthetic of this type depends on their manufacturers.

# Name Description Image
1. Apprentice Rod A mass-produced rod for apprentice witches. It helps to carve one’s name in it to keep track of whose it is. It takes the appearance of a retractable metal rod with a handle, a body that contracts when not used to make it more transportable, and a tip resembling four-pointed star. Given to its similarities with ones manufactured by Luna Nova, the handle is likely has a battery that stores the magic energy to be used in spells. Apprentice Rod LWA CoT.jpg
2. Apprentice Rod (Luna Nova ver.) A version of Apprentice Rod manufactured by Luna Nova, recognizable through its tip that shaped like a half circle which both ends closed. The wand also has a magic battery that stores the magic energy to be used in spells, and mainly transported by wearing them on witches's belts. Wand.png
3. Cavendish Family Wands Wands that manufactured and utilized by Cavendish family take the appearance of long wooden rods with a white snake-shaped handle that wraps around almost the entire wand. As they are more traditionally crafted, these wands seemed to lack of battery to store magic energy for the use at areas where magic cannot be continuously used. Cwan.png

Custom Wand

A type of wands with either non-standard design or modified from pre-existing ones. Depending on the way they created and/or modified, some possesses unique gimmicks that others may lacked. Nevertheless, they all share the same basic design.

# Name Description Image
1. Constanze's Custom Wand A wand that modified out of Luna Nova's standard apprentice wand by its owner's magic-mechanical skills. It has a knob which used to better regulate amount of channeled magic. Constance Wand.png
2. Oak Wand A classic wand carved from the wood of an oak. An excellent choice for witches who wish to look the part. Oak Wand LWA CoT.jpg
3. Heavy Wand A metal wand with a solid heft. Ideal for practicing certain wand gestures, but less suit for others. Heavy Wand LWA CoT.jpg
4. Metamorphosis Wand A capricious wand that changes its appearance. Sometimes the shift is so slight not even its owner notices. Metamorphosis Wand LWA CoT.jpg
5. Tiny Wand A small wand that even a child can wield with ease. Some adult witches like it for its cute appearance. Tiny Wand LWA CoT.jpg
6. Light Wand A wand that flashes with brilliant light strong enough to pierce any darkness. Light Wand LWA CoT.jpg
7. Wand of Bravery A wand that instills its wielder with courage. With enough practice, it can even bring out the bravery of others. Wand of Bravery LWA CoT.jpg
8. Mystery Wand A wand shrouded in mystery. Perhaps the person who crafted it was mad. Or perhaps it's not a wand at all... Mystery Wand LWA CoT.jpg
9. Chaos Wand A wand with devastating magic befitting to its name. It can amplify the power of the wielder unendingly... Chaos Wand LWA CoT.jpg
10. Siren's Wand A wand shaped like a beautiful woman. Those unprepared for its power soon find themselves at its mercy. Siren's Wand LWA CoT.jpg
11. Fate Wand A wand with power great enough to twist fate itself. Few make the sacrifices needed to master such magic. Fate Wand LWA CoT.jpg
12. Dragon Wand A wand shaped like a roaring dragon. Those without the power to wield it are devoured by the beast within. Dragon Wand LWA CoT.jpg
13. Vision Wand A wand that tests those who would wield it with an illusion. Those who see through it can take up the wand. Vision Wand LWA CoT.jpg
14. Altair Wand A wand engraved with an eagle motif. Favored by many great mages, who regard the birds as a symbol of power. Altair Wand LWA CoT.jpg
15. Soul Wand A wand that feeds on the wielder's soul. It leaves no lasting mark, but it still sends shivers up the spine. Soul Wand LWA CoT.jpg
16. Glorious Wand A wand believed to bring unparalleled glory, though its bearer would be foolish to rely on the wand alone. Glorious Wand LWA CoT.jpg
17. Wand of Yggdrasil A wand carved from the trunk of a massive tree. The power within has only grown since its creation. Wand of Yggdrasil LWA CoT.jpg


Not all wands takes the appearance of short rod/stick-like object. Some are instead fashioned as either scepter, cane, or even two-handed staff. This variation is longer than typical wands in length, and both gimmicks (if any) and appearance may vary like custom wands do, but nevertheless share the same basic functions. Examples include wooden cane belonged to the unnamed History Teacher of Luna Nova, Holbrooke's bell-ringer staff, and Shiny Rod itself.

# Name Description Image
1. Holbrooke's Staff Originally the clapper of Blytonbury's Bell Tower, Mr. Holbrooke fashioned it into a magic staff for his daughter Miranda as both amulet and main instrument to cast magic prior to her enrollment at Luna Nova. In Blytonbury's Undead Travelogue, the staff would later reunited with its bell after Akko, Lotte, and Sucy used the latter via. Object Repairing Spell to quickly reunited Mr. Holbrooke to his daughter. Miranda Holbrook's bellringer staff.jpg
2. Shiny Rod A staff with amazing yet unknown abilities. Implied to be the very manifestation of the power of Big Dipper, it was originally belonged to Woodward before later came into the possession of Chariot du Nord aka. Ursula Callistis and Atsuko Kagari. Shiny Rod Unused render LWA CoT.png
3. Ancient Rod This timeworn wand was wielded by a powerful witch. Its power is undiminished even after many long ages. Ancient Rod LWA CoT.jpg
4. Arcana Rod A rod that draws back the veil of time. A skilled witch can use it to gaze many centuries into the future. Arcana Rod LWA CoT.jpg
5. Bespoke Rod A custom rod whose elaborate design gives a glimpse into the mind of the witch or wizard who ordered it. Bespoke Rod LWA CoT.jpg
6. Calamity Rod A rod capable of destroying the entire world. Witches long ago sought to control it with a spell of binding. Calamity Rod LWA CoT.jpg
7. Cursed Rod A rod adorned with ominous skulls. A curse is said to befall those who touch it, if you believe such things. Cursed Rod LWA CoT.jpg
8. Elemental Rod A rod that reacts to elements in the air to create magic. Loved by forest-dwelling witches since antiquity. Elemental Rod LWA CoT.jpg
9. Force Rod A rod that enhances the wielder's innate magic abilities to unlock power hidden deep within. Force Rod LWA CoT.jpg
10. Judgement Rod A rod used by a messenger of the gods to mete out their judgement. The evil of heart dare not touch it. Judgement Rod LWA CoT.jpg
11. Premium Rod A rod forged from solid gold. Though it conveys status to the wielder, its magic power is limited. Premium Rod LWA CoT.jpg
12. Prism Rod A rod with festive design and coloring. Young witches like it more than their adult sisters do. Prism Rod LWA CoT.jpg
13. Stardust Rod A rod with power over the very stars in the sky. If you see a shooting star, this might rod may be at work. Stardust Rod LWA CoT.jpg
14. Twin Rod A forked rod with a jewel at the end of each tip. Its unusual shape belies potent magic power. Twin Rod LWA CoT.jpg
15. Wizard Rod A mid-level rod that offers ease of use and power. Most witches will use it on their way to magic mastery. Wizard Rod LWA CoT.jpg



  • The design of Cavendish family's standard and child wands (being wooden rods with snake-like handle that wraps around it) is a reference to the Rod of Asclepius, from Greek mithology, which is a serpent-entwined rod wielded by the Greek god Asclepius, a deity associated with healing and medicine. This is quite fitting given to the magical family in question being magical healers during their time.