Magic Weapons are a type of magic item in form of weapons with magical properties.


Magic Weapons are special weapons that as with other magic items, possess a magical ability that can be exploited by the user to give them an edge in combat. Because they have their own magical power, they can be used by non-magical humans. So far magic weapons that introduced in the series proper are weapons utilized by participants of Wild Hunt, Stanship, Sorcery Units, and Pixels. Shiny Rod is arguably can be considered as a magic weapon through its ability to assume ax and bow form.

Known Magic Weapons

Wild Hunt Weapons

Magic Weapons utilized by Wild Hunters appeared to be crafted from special ore which not only enable said weapons to banish ghosts, but also to be converted into magic energy form to power up things. In Memories of the Wild Hunt, one of Sub Events of Little Witch Academia: Chamber of Time, it's revealed that one such ore is Silverfang Stone, which can banish animal spirits including the legendary Devilclaw.

There are at least five variants of this type of weapon:

  • Bows and Arrows
  • Dual-pronged spear
  • Fishing rod-like weapon
  • Spear
  • Conjoined Twin Blades


Main article: Stanship

Constanze's flying travel ship is armed with an array of weapons includes energy guns, cannons, magical net that can trap and banish ghosts, and ability to transform into a giant 15 m tall robot called Grand Charion.

Shiny Rod

Main article: Shiny Rod

While actually the key to unlock the seal of Grand Triskellion, Shiny Rod can also be considered as magic weapon through its ability to transform into magical bow and magical ax.


Main article: Pixels

Though its main purpose is to gather Fuel Spirit energy, Pixels can double as dangerous weapons through their ability to combine into monsters in combat.

Sorcery Units

Main article: Sorcery Units

Sorcery Units also designed by Croix as weapons since they are armed with energy blasters, guns, and self-destructive systems.

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