The Magical Energy (魔法エネルギー Mahō no enerugī?) is a special energy that is the source of all magic.


Magical Energy is the resource that is used for anything involving magic. Usually it has the form of a bright green stream, although some other kinds of magical energy have yellow, pink, and black colored streams.

Magical energy has flowed through the Ley Lines since ancient times and witches have learned to use it as the source of their magic power since their origins.


Akko hit by magical energy.

The energy originally came from the cosmic tree Yggdrasil, flowing through its branches to the entire planet and to the rest of the cosmos. However, over time the Yggdrasil disappeared and magical energy began to flow through what was left behind its branches, the Ley Lines.


The magical energy is channeled by the witches to perform magic. Normally, this is done with the help of special objects. Currently, magic wands are used as a means to channel magical energy from external sources.

Formerly, magical energy was abundant in the world, but with the passage of time it began to become increasingly scarce. As a result, the magic began to weaken more and more and its use became increasingly difficult. At the root of this, objects known as Sorcerer's Stones began to be used, absorbing, storing and transmitting the magic energy so that it can be used.

Recently, devices called Sorcery Solution System were created by Croix Meridies that allow handling and disposal of magic energy much more adequate than Sorcerer's Stones.


  • In the short films, magical energy was generally pink. In the anime series, it is usually a bright shade of green.