Magitronic Tablets are tablets computers designed to perform magical feats and controlling other magitronics' systems developed by Croix Meridies.

Appearance and Traits

Magitronic Tablets resembles a white tablet with a single button to turn on/off the device. As with regular tablet computers, they are outfitted with a mobile operating system, LCD touchscreen display processing circuitry, and a thin rechargeable battery (though Magitronic Tablets are arguably developed from both Magic Battery and spellstones). Being a magitronic device however, the device has a number of sophisticated programs for performing following feats:

  • Magitronic Control: The tablet can access the system of other magitronic devices such as Pixels, Sorcery Solution Systems, and Sorcery Units, enabling the user to control them.
  • Magic: The tablets also revealed to capable of magical feat, albeit on a somewhat limited scale. When Chariot attempted to attack Croix from above, the latter conjures a red barrier which then forms a laser cage around her opponent.

There are two types of this magitronic device: One is the standard tablet type, and another is a smartphone version in Croix's possession.


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