Marjolaine (マジョリン Majorin?) is a character in Little Witch Academia. She is a rockstar witch and a former student of Luna Nova Magical Academy.


Marjolaine is a woman with pale skin, green eyes and dark green hair combed into a long ridge that slides to one side of her face. She wears a red robe with white furred hood that reveal her belly button, a loose skirt with yellow edges, a red witch hat, back high-heeled shoes and a chain with a skull on her neck.


Marjolaine is a stylish and reserved woman. She finds the Samhain Festival boring, because it never changes throughout the years. Although she finds the performance of Akko and her roommates a worthwhile one as much as Diana, Hannah, and Barbara previously, even though it costed the three being disqualified for breaking one of the Festival's traditions.


TV Series

Samhain Magic

Marjolaine is one of the special guests at the Samhain Festival. She presents the show next to Ural and Dorlin and like her fellow guests, she finds the Samhain Festival boring. She was amused by Akko and co.'s presentation, laughing all along at Akko's entertaining Metamorphosis Magic skills, and was in awe when Akko managed to free Vajarois of her curse.


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Dorlin and Ural

Marjolaine, alongside Dorlin and Ural, are alumnis of Luna Nova. The two share mutual agreement that Samhain Festival doesn't change over the years.

Voice Actors

Language Voice actor
Japanese Reina Ueda
English Cristina Vee


  • Marjolaine is the only other witch that has special talents involving magic and music, the other being Lotte Jansson. However, Marjolaine is more of a rock-star and uses instruments as opposed to Lotte who sings more gentle and calm music for spirits.


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