Matangos are a collective race of anthropomorphic, magical mushrooms featured in Little Witch Academia: Chamber of Time.


Matangos are a race of giant, sapient magical mushrooms with anthropomorphic features. They typically have a large cap on a thick stalk with a pair of small arms and small roots underneath the stalk to move around. They may or may not have facial features on the stalk as well. Due to their highly toxic nature in spite of good taste, eating them is considered to be taboo.

There are 3 types of matangos encountered:


A monstrous mushroom that's delicious boiled, steamed, or even raw. Although they apparently taste incredible, those who indulge die within seconds, so the Matango is notorious among foodies as the ultimate forbidden pleasure.

—Description of regular Matango from Strange Notebook

Regular Matango has red, pale yellow, and brown coloration. The upper part of the cap mostly red with pale yellow spots. Their arms notably too short to reach each other that they are nothing more than stumps.

Noxious Toadstool

It's obvious at a glance that these fungi are extremely toxic. They delight in poisoning people, but as nobody was foolish enough to eat them in the past, they grew impatient and took things into their own hands.

—Description of Noxious Toadstool from Strange Notebook

Noxious Toadstool resembles regular Matangos a bit, but the entirety of their arms, stalk, and bottom part of their cap is purple. The rest of the cap is black and seemingly coated with poisonous goo. Also, what appeared to be round bubble-like growths can be seen popping out from the top of their cap and beneath the stalk. If one looked closely on the cap, a red glowing dot can be seen on it.

King Matango

These mushrooms have wickedly sharp claws, and are extremely aggressive. Aside from their ferocious nature, they are also known for their vivid coloring. Particularly striking specimens are used to make high-grade pigments.

—Description of King Matango from Strange Notebook

King Matangos arguably most colorful out of known Matangos, and most aggressive. The upper part of their cap is sky blue with mohawk-styled yellow spikes on it, whereas the bottom part is orange with white stripes. Unlike other Matangos, they have facial features in form of a pair of green eyes and jagged mouth as well as a pair of much longer arms ended with sharp claws. Lastly, they have purple and orange roots beneath them to move about.

Powers and Abilities

Caution must be taken in order to deal Matangos, as they attack by generating poisonous spores from beneath their cap once they close enough to a victim. Do not be fooled by their seemingly edible appearance, as those who foolishly eat matango will die in matter of seconds.


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