Mending Magic (補修魔法 Shūfuku Mahō?), is a type of Magic that is applied to repair inanimate objects. It is also one of sub-types of White Magic.


Mending Magic is a magic that is applied to returning broken non-living objects to their optimal state. It can be considered the inorganic counterpart of Revitalization Magic.

Mending Magic Spells

Object Repairing Spell

The Object Repairing Spell is a spell which allow the caster to magically repair a broken object. It's effectiveness can be improved if used in conjunction of either Mending Magic Potion or Mending Magic Powder. If the spell is casted in conjunction of both Grave Mushroom and Mending Magic Potion however, rather than fixing an object, it will result in an explosion of green necromatic gas that will revive any nearby dead bodies within its vicinity as a Zombie, a practice which deemed a taboo.

In "Blytonbury's Undead Travelogue", Akko tries to use this spell to repair the tombstones that she and Lotte had collapsed. However, by accidentally mixing the powder with Sucy's Grave Mushroom, the spell ends up reviving the corpse of a dead man. At the end of the episode, Akko uses the spell again in the bell of the bell tower whose clapper had been removed to make the stick of the principal Holbrooke. Thus, the bell detaches and flies to Luna Nova Magical Academy to gather the part that had been removed.

Large Object Repairing Spell

Large Object Repairing Spell is an enhanced version of Object Repairing Spell, which used to repair larger and more complex objects that the original spell is not able to repair. As such, it requires a great deal mastery to successfully cast it than its weaker counterpart.

In "Blue Moon", Ursula helps Akko to practice this spell in the episode by repairing a large statue that was divided into pieces. On her 101st attempt she nearly succeeds but puts the statue back together in the wrong position.

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