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  • I want to join the discord server for Little Witch Academia but it won't show that page. It works on my sister's server though. How can I join?

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  • Hello, Black Soulstone

    Recently. I have added an image of Wangari's model for Chamber of Time and a gif that showcases the LNN, which consists of Wangari to the wiki. Since Wangari's wiki article is currently protected, I cannot put them in the gallery myself. Therefore, I would like to request that you placed them in the gallery for me. The image and gif that I wanted to put into Wangari's gallery can be seen below.

    Thank you.

    Wangari model in Little Witch Academia Chamber of Time
    Wangari feet up close
    Wangari kimberly screenshot two
    Wangari kimberly screenshot
    Wangari face
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  • Can you please paste following text to w:c:villains:Dr. Egghead (The Three Bears)?

    Dr. Egghead is the main antagonist of The Three Bears franchise. He's Vicky's arch-nemesis and The Trolls' former boss.


    He's a grumpy evil scientist who hates that he's bald. He's trying to make hair lotion every day, but always fails and accidently makes flower lotion instead. The running gag in cartoons is whenever he makes lotion and tries it on his head to see does it work, looks at himself in the mirror and sees that his head is covered in flowers. Then, he starts screaming and pulling flowers out of his head. On some occasions, Boss used to put water on flowers from Dr. Egghead's head, and Dr. Egghead punched him to the head and called him an idiot. Because he couldn't make a good lotion, he often encouraged Trolls to capture Vicky, Cuddly, Happy Dog and Kimbo and bring them to him so he can cut their hair and make himself a wig. His main goal is to cut Vicky's hair, because he wants to be blondie, like his favorite Rock Star.

    Villainous Acts

    He encouraged Trolls to kidnap Vicky and her friends and bring them to him, because he wanted to make wigs from their hair.

    He encouraged Ghost, Skeleton and Zombie to kidnap Vicky and her friends and bring them to him (that was when he fired Trolls).

    He tried to kidnap Vicky by himself in several episodes.

    He made a virus creature and commanded him to kill Three Bears.

    He made potion which makes other starts arguing for no actual reason, and gave it to Trolls and told them to use it on everybody.

    He abused Boss, Dumpy, Silly, Ghost, Skeleton and Zombie both physically and verbally whenever they said or did something stupid.


    He shares similarities with Elmer Fudd from Looney Tunes franchise, because they are both bald and hate it, and often try to make hair starts growing from their heads.

    His name might be parody on Dr. Eggman, the main antagonist from Sonic franchise.  

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  • Would you want the series focus in the future with Akko's daughter or student as the protagonist?

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    • Hmm, perhaps as students. Why are you asking?

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    • I want daydreaming a bit with a sequel idea where an older Akko uses Angel Wings to save a young girl who became inspired by this event to become a Witch.

      When she got older, she went to Altair Nova, the same idea I told you about years ago and meet an array of characters, some of them being the daughters of Akko's friends including a cute little elf girl being Sucy's daughter which leaves a big "WTF"! to the new casts.

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    • A FANDOM user
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  • What exactly is Finnelan's relationship with Chariot and Croix? I think it' similar to Akko and Diana but that changes.

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    • What I mean to say is that deep down, Chariot does not want anyone else taking that responsibility of the Shiny Rod nor the Quest. That's why she held back so long because she saw putting that responsibility when Akko was already struggling would have been bad.

      The only reason she really brought up the Quest is when she realized Akko was one of her victims. And Croix made her intent in killing Akko,

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    • Here's a possibility; Could it be she became a Teacher in hopes to teach any student who could have been affected by the DFS? Oh an her saying "I didn't want to believe Akko could be affected?" can be reinterpreted as her hoping that someone she cared so much for didn't deserve to be caught by the DFS.

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  • Hello! I'm here on behalf of Brand New Animal Wiki. I would like to ask whether you would agree to be affiliates with the BNA Wiki? Both wikis are about anime made by Studio Trigger, that's why we ask.

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  • I didn't look carefully, in fact, it can be corrected or deleted.

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  • Exucse me! it would appear there was a misunderstanding when i was on the MHA discord. I had a little trouble showing my work cause of three things: Sexual harrassment, inappropriate chat, and copywrite infringement. I know it's illegal but... i would like to apologize to this behavior. I did show their rights, i'm sorry for any sexual loli behavior, and the chat i shown is ont what i thought. I was only asking for ideas that's all. Then it triggered a chain reaction to your LWA discord which kicked me out. I'll have you know, i did show the rights to their rightful owners in the fanfic called "ParaNorman Activitia" which can be seen at the end of the fanfic. if would you be so kind for them at the server to unblock me, that would be nice. but i promise this won't happen again. I do full blame through. Thanks for what the wiki haas done for give us some info on the characters and the story so far. 

    -ASG (B-M)

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    • Calm yourself, sir. Can you show me the screenshot of this discord issue of yours? I wanted to see how bad it is cuz I'm not that often checking at discord site.

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    • Apparently no. I can’t cause the invite i got was expired. Plus i didn’t do nothing on that discord chat.

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    • Hmm, not too sure if I can do something about it cuz despite me being this wikia's only active admin, I haven't yet to gain the same privilege in discord.

      How about if you consult with Sophiedp? I think she can help you a thing or two.

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  • Now this piece of info belongs to a hypotethical Episode 24 review and I want you to read it.

    We come back to Croix and she is NOT happy that the Grand Triskellion can't do anything for her. Croix realizes she is in deep trouble. I mean Croix has been placing all her concerns and worries inside a bubble so that she won't feel conflicted whenever she does these evil things to get what she wants. But now that she has the GT, that bubble bursts and all her guilt just drop onto her. She has given up her friendships and her reputation and has depleted all her kind's entire magic supply and has started World War III and she can't undo it all. So yeah, Witchkind is screwed. The ends does not justify the means.

    Chariot, meanwhile, looks at this, sadly. She's not angry at Croix and she's not even going to laugh at Croix's misery. Why is that? Because she saw that the Grand Triskellion doesn't work on anyone but Akko. She did not know that only Akko can wield the Grand Triskellion. Meaning, everything she did was worthless. She had one last opportunity to reconcile with Akko but she throw it away. She'll never know whether or not she could have gotten Akko back or she could have gotten Akko back but she chose the Grand Triskellion and Croix. How can you feel anything other than feeling like a failure?

    But the bad news doesn't end there as Woodward finally appears after so long. Croix tries to find out where the Grand Triskellion is but to her dismay, Woodward says that this puny, ugly stick is the Grand Triskellion. Croix just loses it and this is when we learn the truth. It turns out that Woodward has been ignoring Croix for Chariot. And Chariot did not know this. Also, why didn't Woodward be attentive for Croix considering she's all-powerful even in death that she could juggle between the two? The answer is that she's not all-powerful, she is just one woman much like a reminder to Witches that they are not a separate species, they are still human. 

    Now, we have been seeing the Witches' corrupt nature and incompetence throughout the series but the question is where did it all started? And how did magic started to decline? And why Woodward is all alone since she supposed to have the Nine Olde Witches as her friends? The answers solves all of these questions? When Chariot reveals about the Quest for the Seven Words, it sounds like it would be a fun and wondrous hero's journey but her later reactions showed like in Wagandea, that it isn't as satisfying as it was and that it only left some severe scars to her life. Chariot always wondered that if the Quest was such an honor, why did she continue to suffer? Now she know the truth and it shocked her to the very core.

    Looking at Woodward, she ignored Croix and she even can't say anything to her to calm her down. This is not because she's heartless, Woodward just doesn't know. She knows one and one thing only; the Grand Triskellion and it's importance. And that's when another revelation happens; Did Woodward ignored Croix for Chariot or did she ignore Croix for the Grand Triskellion? The answer is the latter. Chariot has been with Woodward all the time and the only lessons she got from the ancient witch are just the meaning of the words for the Grand Triskellion. She only did just that. She didn't give her extra lessons about magic nor did she ever vouch for Chariot when she got into trouble nor ever warn her about the dangers of Wagandea. Because Woodward is obssess for the GT. And that's when the scary truth comes in.

    When you are obssess like Croix, you tend to forsake all the important things in life like friends, reputation etc. Woodward has done this long before because getting the GT justifies all of them but like I said before, it doesn't. Woodward has failed in her Quest but she tries to find a way to get the GT even after she may have lost the right to get the Shiny Rod. She may have other Chosen Ones long before Chariot and Akko but they too failed. That kind of mentality can spread like a disease. And that mentality evolves into that ideology like the ideology that the current Witches are using. And this is where Holy Shit! applies. Woodward IS responsible for everything Chariot and Akko had to go through.

    Like Woodward, the traditionalist Witches valued magic to the point that they forgotten the needs of the people that once look up to them, forgetting ancient languages and various historical events. making advancements and even abandoning the magical creatures and the students. And that is why Woodward is no longer with the Nine Olde Witches; She basically alienated them herself. And that's why magic is in decline and why people no longer values magic? She and the Witches abandon them; Not the other way around. 

    Chariot is at loss for words. Woodward thinks that the GT will make things better but to Chariot, it won't. She has suffered the costs. And just now, the GT has robbed her of any chance to be with Akko. And now she gets a final lesson from Woodward? She was slowly adopting the ideologies that ruined her life. And I think Diana's words are now echoing through her mind. She did lost her way.

    But now, there is another matter for Chariot. If Woodward could make such huge mistakes, could Diana ever bring Akko back? Diana, the same one who was the biggest supporter of the old ideologies that destroyed all good about the Witch community and eventually, abandon her friends and teachers. Chariot doesn't know the full story and Akko probably kept quiet out of respect for Diana. It gets worse from here on out. Woodward chose magic over Croix and what did Chariot do; she as well chose magic over Akko. It was at that point that Chariot realizes in horror that she has placed Akko onto the path that turned Croix into a monster.

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    Black Soulstone
    Black Soulstone closed this thread because:
    Has been covered. Hopefully for real this time
    02:51, March 30, 2020
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    • And flawed one. Am I made myself clear?

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    • Good.

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  • If you're wondering why Noah never actually taught any magic lessons to Akko It's because he was out of shape for the past thousands of years and he felt that his outdated tips might be detrimental to Akko. However ironically, his was WAY better than anything Luna Nova gave,

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    • Yes. The Noir Rod is still canon.

      Woodward believes that she has restored magic. In a way, she did but she was more on the "Being a complete bother to everyone." She thinks that her son will return. He does but because he wanted to be with Akko.

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    • I see.

      I asked cuz in her situation, some villains ended up become final boss or something.

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