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  • I live in constant agony
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  • I am selling free books for as low as 500k
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  • A. What's your favorite magical girl series (if any)?

    Fire Valkyrie
    Not-so-trivial question: If one day someone choose Akko to become some sort of knight-esque, armor-clad magical girl resembling the image on the side because magical world is threatened by evil forces so awful that it might too much for Chariot to deal it alone, how you think Akko deal with that?

    C. What's your opinion about Ursula aka. Chariot i the light of the reveal in Episode 22 and Episode 23 where she turned out to be tricked by Croix to use Dream Fuel Spirit on her audiences where among victims were Akko and Diana?

    D. Given how Akko expresse her gratitude to Ursula aka. Chariot in Episode 24 and even awakened the Final Word, do you think it can be inferred that Akko has forgiven Chariot? And do you found it plausible that she overheard Ursula crying out how much she blamed herself for indirectly causing Croix's fall to darkness as well as handicapping Akko's magical abilities when she and her friends are about to interfere her fight against Noir Rod's dragon form?

    E. What's your favorite tokusatsu series?

    F. If one day Akko meets and befriends a war veteran, how you think their friendship looked like?

    G. What's your opinion if Ursula is turned out to be Akko's long lost half-aunt?

    H. What's your opinion about Little Witch Academia: Chamber of Time game?

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  • Hi, Scuzzy beta. Are you a fan of Little Witch Academia and Norse Mythology? Just greeting cuz I a bit lonely lately.

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