A fledgeling dragon that inhabits volcanic regions. Though it can spout dragon fire, it also makes use of its enlarged head to unleash devastating ramming attacks.

—Description of Miniature Dragons from Strange Notebook

Miniature Dragons are a type of dragons featured in Little Witch Academia: Chamber of Time.


Appearance-wise, miniature dragons bear superficial resemblance to baby form of Briton Red Dragons, suggesting both species related in some way. The notable difference are the entirety of their body being red in color, slightly larger head with developing horns, smaller tail, and newly developed wings strong enough to provide flight in spite of their unassuming size.

Red Team vs Adult Miniature Dragon LWA CoT

Akko, Lotte, and Sucy fighting an adult Miniature Dragon

Most of the encountered Miniature Dragons are around the same size with large turkeys. However, ones that around the size of a small car also encountered as well. The reason of this dragon species named as such is arguably because the species' adults only able to grow to that size.

Their fangs also useful as ingredients for special potion which endow a witch ability to understanding Dragonese.

Powers and Abilities

Like most dragons, miniature dragons are capable of flight even while still juvenile thanks to their small but powerful wings. They also capable to breath dragon fire, usually in form of medium-ranged explosive fireball-like blast or short-ranged bursts. In addition of flight and dragon fire, their thick skull enable these dragons to perform damaging headbutt like battering ram.

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