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Mirage is a Dryad and one of Woodward's acquaintances who debuted in Keisuke Satō's manga adaptation of the series.


Mirage appears to be a young girl, described by Akko as resembling Chariot. She has short swooped hair, pronounced eyebrows, and cross-shaped pupils.

She wears a traditional witches hat with fabric wrapped at its base, a buckled cloak over a full-body short dress with baggy sleeves, along with some form of turtleneck, a belt, as well as thigh-high boots with the right boot strapped at the top.


Mirage is amicable yet cunning as shown through her interaction with Akko while posing as a witch student. Although it appears she sought Shiny Rod for selfish intentions, this later revealed to be a ruse to help Akko develop as the current wielder of Shiny Rod.


Abilities and Equipment

As with her fellow dryads, she excels in nature magic, enabling her to affect plant life as well as conjuring leaves that constantly hover around their enemy's head to obscure their vision. In addition of magically assume human disguise via. Metamorphosis Magic, Mirage have mastered the use of wand and flying broom to make her witch disguise more convincing.


  • Dating back to the early 19th century, Mirage is a word with French and Latin origins, derived from French se mirer ‘be reflected’, and Latin mirare ‘look at’.
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