Miranda Holbrooke (ミランダ・ホルブルック Miranda Horuburukku?) is a character in Little Witch Academia. She is the 44th headmistress of Luna Nova Magical Academy.


Holbrooke is a short, old woman with short pale green hair and blue eyes. She wears a red jacket over her uniform, a necklace of green stones, a white scarf, rectangular lenses, and a witch hat that is bigger and curved than that of the teachers.


Holbrooke proves to be a conservative and respected woman, rather kind and cheerful. She maintains a formal relationship with all the students and teachers of the academy. She also proves to be a very patient and good-hearted person, being very accommodating of her students, even the most problematic ones. She has a good sense of humor and prefers compromise over conflict.

She is a great talker and speaks endlessly about things with no meaning. She tends to make very long discourses.



Holbrooke was born during the Golden Age of Magic as the daughter of a witch from a famous witch clan and a human pirate. After her mother died shortly after giving birth, her father promised her clan that he would turn her into a great witch. In 1880, she received a letter from the Luna Nova Magical Academy to become a student. Before she left, her father made her a staff with the church bell to be her amulet. However, her father was killed shortly after she entered school.

During her time in Luna Nova, Holbrooke devoted her entire life to the study of magic, eventually becoming the headmistress of the academy.

After assuming the direction of Luna Nova in 1897, Miranda created the Botanical Garden to preserve the memory of the Jennifer Memorial Tree.

TV Series

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A New Beginning


Luna Nova and the White Dragon


Akko Kagari

Akko was one of the first non-witches to ever enroll in Luna Nova Academy. Unlike the other teachers (with the exception of Ursula), Holbrooke sees the potential within Akko and enjoys the results of her endeavors, such as when Akko spiced up her role in the festival and Akko's prominence within the fairie's strike. Towards the end of "Blytonbury's Undead Travelogue" when Akko accidentally revives Miranda's deceased father, Mr. Holbrooke, instead of expelling Akko for breaking a school rule, she instead punishes Akko, Lotte, and Sucy by making them repair the school's broken brooms without the use of magic.

Anne Finnelan

Goodness, no need to be so stiff. See, these poor students all look like you've been lecturing them since the second century. I feel so bad for them.

Miranda Holbrook to Finnelan, Blytonbury's Undead Travelogue

Holbrooke respects and appreciates Finnelan for her dedication as a teacher; however, she also finds her extreme rigidity with students slightly old-fashioned.

Ursula Callistis

Holbrooke is very kind to Ursula, despite her clumsiness as a teacher. Unlike other faculty staff, Holbrooke has knowledge of her past as Shiny Chariot, and rejoices to see her image on Akko's Chariot Card, calling Chariot "everyone's idol".

Abilities and Equipment

Being the headmistress of Luna Nova Academy and having studied magic from her childhood, Miranda is a very talented witch. She has demonstrated to be able to do magic without verbal spells. Unlike most witches who typically utilize wands, Holbrooke uses a magic staff fashioned out of the clapper of Blytonbury's Bell Tower.

Voice actors

Language Voice actor
Japanese Ikuko Tani
English Jessica Gee-George
Catalan Gloria Gonzalez
Italian Elisabetta Cesone
Polish Barbara Zielińska
Brazil Maria Da Penha
Latin America Miriam Torres


  • Miranda is the oldest living witch in the academy, being over 100 years old.
    • She is also one of the oldest characters in the series, the other being Fafnir and Molly McIntyre.
      • Molly was born approximately up to 100 years before Miranda, but because she spent 200 years afflicted with Curse of Time and the latter instead experienced 100 years worth of time, Miranda is older than her.
  • Her name appears as "Miranda Holbrook" on her nameplate at the Samhain Festival.


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