Mrs. Jansson is a character in Little Witch Academia. She is a witch from Finland, owner of a magic item shop and Lotte's mother.


Mrs. Jansson is very similar to her daughter, except for being a little shorter than her. She has fair skin, blue-gray eyes and glasses that are identical to Lotte's. She wears a blue tunic that covers her entire body, a red shrug and a long dark purple veil on her head.

In Teri Terio's manga, her appearance is completely different. She's much taller and had a more busty appearance. Her hair is also shown, being somewhat similar to Lotte's except longer. She also wears what appeared to be a business suit along with a tie as opposed to a blue tunic.[2]


She is a sweet and kind woman. She is very respectful and considerate with her family and guests. She's somewhat easily jealous, separating her husband from his neighbor when Akko unintentionally put them in a position where they kissed, despite the three being almost immobilized by the Greenman Disease.


TV Series

Pohjola's Trial

Mrs. Jansson is introduced when Lotte returns home for holiday. She is happy to see her child after a while, and then is introduced to Akko and Sucy. Later at night, they have Hapansilakka pies made by their neighbor Jane for dinner, unaware of the danger the pies have. The next morning, the girls discover Mr. and Mrs. Jansson immobile covered in green mold. Mrs. Jansson, who still is able to move, manages to find a book that contains the magical cure to the Greenman Disease they were infected with. Akko and Lotte set off to find the ingredients and create the cure so they can save them. She, along with her husband, is later freed from the disease by Akko.

Tree of Leaves

She is seen next to her husband and neighbors in Finland, lending their Fuel Spirit to Akko and Diana during their battle against the Magitronic missile.


Lotte Jansson

Mrs. Jansson loves her daughter, Lotte, very much. She apparently loaded Lotte a lot of things she may need when she was moving to study at Luna Nova Magical Academy. Mrs. Jansson also praises her daughter for being a spiritual witch.


  • Her appearance in the manga is vastly different compared to her anime counterpart. The reason behind this is unknown.


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