Mrs. Manbavaran (夫人・マンババラン Fujin Manbabaran?) is a character that first appeared in Little Witch Academia Teri Terio manga. She is a witch from Southeast Asia and the mother of Sucy, Garie, Sabi and several others.


Mrs. Manbavaran bears a strong resemblance to her daughters, but her figure is more developed with longer and darker puce hair that reaches her hips and covers both of her eyes, unlike Sucy's, which covers only her right eye. She wears dark lipstick, along with a long black and white gown that reaches up to her ankles.


She is a serious and calm woman most of the time, but if she gets angry, she becomes a terrifying person. Similar to her daughter, she has a terrifying side that can even frighten Sucy. She seems to take her family's reputation and the contract with familiars very seriously, telling her daughter that she must have a suitable familiar so as not to dishonor it.


Garie and Sabi Manbavaran

Mrs. Manbavaran is shown to be very strict towards Garie and Sabi, demanding proper behavior from both of them, even though they're still very young. Garie and Sabi, however, don't seem to care about what their mother wants, instead of continuing to do whatever they want to, unless their mother uses her magic to frighten them.

Sucy Manbavaran

Mrs. Manbavaran seems to appreciate her daughter very much, worrying about her school life and the selection of an appropriate Familiar. Thus, by being angry, she can become very strict and dominant over her.



Mrs. Manbavaran is first seen asking Sucy about how her days at Luna Nova are going, and then tells her that it is about time she finds a proper familiar. She recommends finding a familiar in her grandfather's land. Though Sucy objects due to how far away it is, their conversation is interrupted by Garie and Sabi throwing their dog Capy in their mother's face. She angrily scares them off with electricity, afterwards reaffirming to Sucy that she must find a good familiar, to which she reluctantly promises.


Mrs. Manbavaran is shown to be a powerful witch. She is able to throw bolts of lightning from her hands and is able to perform magic without using a wand. As a Manbavaran witch, she possesses immunity to different kinds of poison and has advanced knowledge about how to use them.



  • Mrs. Manbavaran was originally intended to appear in the first short film before eventually cut likely due to time constraints. At that time however, her design was radically different to one that eventually used in Terio Teri manga. [1]



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