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For the the book series, see Night Fall (book series).

Night Fall (ナイトフォール Naito Fōru?) is the 4th episode of the Little Witch Academia anime series.


Akko, Lotte and Sucy receive detention for stealing a tart. They're also forbidden to go into town, even though Lotte is dying to go to a book event.


The episode begins in one night. As Luna Nova students are sleeping for tomorrow, Lotte contacted her fellow Night Fall fan who under the Username GreatBen8103. The User sent her an e-mail which asked her whether she'll join him/her to the book series' oncoming release event which would take place on the day after tomorrow, in which Lotte happily replied yes. On the next day however, Akko and her roommates are brought to Student Counseling Room for stealing tarts (though Finnelan made an error where she thought of said meals as pies). Akko blamed the academy for being too stingy that it hampered food distribution and limiting the cafeteria's menu, which irritates Badcock since she is in charge of Luna Nova's funds. Despite Lotte's pleads, Finnelan banned her and her roommates from leaving the school grounds, much to the Finnish's dismay.

Later, Akko is confused over Lotte's reaction and Night Fall, snapping the Finish from her shock and allowed her to explain why the novel series is so special: The series revolves around adventures of the science teacher Belle and her two companions Edgar the vampire and Arthur the werewolf following a time-travel mishap from entering a mysterious portal that sent her to Middle Ages. From there, the three companions embarked time-travelling adventures where the said adventures would affect the world history. Furthermore, on the next day, a Night Fall event is held in which the series' writer Annabel would reveal herself to the public, but in the light of the mishap they done last night, Lotte's chance to enter the event is slimmed to none, and the fact that Finnelan also tasked them to aid the academy's faeries handling the food supply and other things doesn't help either. Feeling the guilt from causing the said mishap in the first place, Akko concocted a plan which she and Sucy revealed to their roommate just as Lotte sent GreatBen8103 the news about her predicament and checking on Annabel haters' live chat.

On the next day, the three friends stowed away for the town through the truck which transports the academy's food supply. Akko realized that they'll skipped their course with Professor Ursula while doing this, but Lotte, who had changed her clothes to a cosplay costume, reassured to the Japanese that their current decision counts as a necessary evil. As soon as they arrived at the town, Lotte becomes ecstatic upon the sight of her fellow cosplay who roaming all over the town in the light of the Night Fall event, and even meets a fan who dressed like Great Ben, the tower Belle used to live at before starting her adventures, oblivious to the cosplayer's familiar voice and boots.

Meanwhile, Hannah and Barbara just have finished their shopping on the other part of the town where the former expressed her disinterest over Night Fall's event. Barbara, who longed to join the Night Fall event deep inside, managed to convince her roommate so they go for the said event to see how 'ridiculous' it is.

As the three friends enter the building where the Night Fall event being held, Lotte tells Akko and Sucy how she became hooked with the said series: She found the discrimination against vampires in Night Fall series parallels to that of mistreatment she endured from normal kids around her age for being a witch during her childhood in some ways. The Finnish further elaborated that she also intrigued by the dynamic between the series' trio where Arthur the werewolf intentionally made passes at Belle just to get his rival Edgar's attention and before long, she realized her concerns are nothing more than trivial matters. The Finnish concluded her story by stating that many people who had similar upbringings and other problems to her are likely found consolation from reading Night Fall series, though hilariously, Akko and Sucy cannot hear the full story for being separated by the crowd.

Finding their seats, Akko, Lotte, Sucy, and the rest of the audience are greeted by the show's presenter who introduced them the author of Night Fall series, a seemingly unassuming little girl with black goth dress who is none other than Annabel Crème herself. Akko and Sucy are surprised to see the author being that young and seemingly not enjoying the event, whereas Lotte is too mesmerized by her appearance to notice. Participating in the quiz, Lotte successfully outperformed her rival, a woman with Great Ben costume she met earlier, and finally able to get close to the Night Fall author herself. It is then something unexpected occurred: Annabel gives her pen to Lotte and informed her that by this, she is the 13th generation of Annabel Crème before unexpectedly disappears, startling everyone present. Although, Lotte noticed that the young author's disappearance was done in magical means, as she left behind strange walnut-like magic item.

As the staffs in the building notice something off in Annabel's sudden disappearance, Lotte meets up with Akko and Sucy and tells them that the latest turn of events wasn't part of the show. They soon make haste in locating the Night Fall author around the town to no avail (with Sucy taking her time picking up any mushroom she comes across along the way). After a while, they give up the chase, in which Lotte revealed the truth she just discovered about the author of Night Fall serkes: Rather than a centuries-old witch, Annabel Crème is actually an alias/title shared by multiple writers who impersonated the original Annabel as well as continue writing the series on her behalf after her passing, and the Annabel who held the event that day is the twelfth person chosen by her magical pen. Whereas Akko can't help but excited by the prospect of her roommate becoming the next Annabel Crème, Lotte unexpectedly turned down this newfound responsibility, for the 12th Annabel is more capable than her as a writer.

Consulting with the pen's faery near Glastonbury Abbey, Akko, Lotte, and Sucy learned that the 12th Annabel held the Night Fall event so she can find a better successor out of her insecurity over her own abilities as a writer. Lotte argued that it is not a case as the series has introduced intriguing concepts in its each release. However, the faery lacked a clue about the place where the latest Annabel would likely go to. Recalling the image of hydrangea in her phone, the three friends realized that they are already closer to the insecure writer (as they found several hydrangeas growing nearby) and found her in time to see her saddened by her haters' worsening rants over her latest works.

Startled by the presence of the three witches, Annabel the 12th insisted to Lotte that she is the current Annabel from now on, only for Lotte unexpectedly revealed how much she loved the series' space travel part. The young writer expressed her agreement since it was her who wrote that part in the first place but is unable to handle her fans' criticisms over her direction on the series' plot. The two then bonded over what they love about the series with Lotte reminded her that there are those who still love her works and supported her no matter what her haters say and Annabel's own passion over the series is more than enough to be her drive as her writer. This heart-to-heart conversation renewed Annabel's interest in continuing writing the series, who realized that she already has everything she need as a writer. With her renewed conviction, Annabel conjures a projection of Night Fall script on the air for everyone in the town to see, with Hannah and Barbara among them.

Though the three friends had to clean up trolls' bath in the light of ditching the academy while still under detention, they remarked that their visit to Annabel's Night Fall event was something worthwhile at the very least. Akko can't help but awed by Lotte's words of encouragement for the current Annabel which reinvigorated the young writer's faith with her own abilities despite missing the opportunity to become one herself. Lotte replied by stating that she would be spoiled on the series' story if she became the writer herself, and thus lose something to look forward to in process. The episode ends in Akko, Lotte, and Sucy's dorm room where Lotte refrained herself from reading the newest Night Fall volume after having a chat with GreatBen810 and call it a day before sleeping.

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  • The Night Fall book series appears to be a parody of the Twilight book series. The book's main characters Belle, Edgar, and Arthur are parody of Bella, Edward, and Jacob.
    • The series also appears to be a parody of Outlander series at the same time, for it also involves time-travel adventure.
  • Lotte describes the "thrills" the novel has as she clasps her hands in white gloves and a dark jacket, similarly to Gendo Ikari from Neon Genesis Evangelion.
  • The cosplayer who Lotte makes friends with is dressed up as Elizabeth Tower from the Palace of Westminster which is home to the House of Parliament of the United Kingdom. Most people know the tower by the name of the great bell inside it, Big Ben. Her screen name is Great Ben 8103.
    • The real-life Great Ben 8103 was implied (and later confirmed) to be Samantha Badcock herself.
  • This episode takes place in June, along with "Luna Nova and the White Dragon" and "The Fountain of Polaris", as stated in the chronicles book.[2]
  • Annabel using a walnut as magical teleportation artifact might be a reference to "The Girl Who Leapt Through Time", where the protagonist used a time travel device disguised as a walnut.
  • This is the first episode where Hannah and Barbara appear without Diana at any point.


  • The two people sitting behind the girls at the Night Fall quiz don't have glasses but in the next scene, they're wearing glasses.


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