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This article is about the the book series.
For the the episode, see Night Fall.

Night Fall (ナイトフォール Naito Fōru?) is a series of popular historic fiction novels for girls written by several writers over the years, under the name of Annabel Crème. The plot revolves around a couple of lovers, Belle and Edgar, a science teacher and a vampire of the Middle Ages who are known due to a mysterious time portal. The series is currently composed of 365 volumes, having been written for 120 years. While the official story to the public is that the books were written by a single witch, the truth is that the authors have been renewed over the years, being chosen by a magic pen created by the first author. The current author is the twelfth person chosen to be Annabel.


The plot of Night Fall itself started off from moment where Belle, a science teacher whom met a handsome vampire named Edgar after a time-travel mishap due to entering a mysterious portal that sent her to Middle Ages. Early premise of the story in some ways, reminiscent with Twilight Saga, but it immediately changed into time-travelling adventures, reminiscent to the Outlander series, where the said adventures would affect the world history.

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