The Noir Rod (ノワールロッド Nowāruroddo?) is an apocalyptic magical beast composed of Magitronic cubes, initially made to be a replica of the Shiny Rod. The Noir Rod was created by Croix, based on data collected from the Shiny Rod. The overload of negative emotional energy used to power the weapon overwhelmed its systems and eventually turned it into a monstrous, sentient creature with a motive to destroy the world.


Originally, Noir Rod is a huge mechanical version of the Shiny Rod, covered up of hundreds of Noir Fuel Spirit Devices that feed it with magical power. It is about six meters high, its appearance is almost identical to the Shiny Rod, except that it is black instead of white and its seven crystals are red instead of blue.

Upon becoming a sentient beast, Noir Rod assumed a giant, draconic black and red beast resembling the Briton Red Dragon, but lacked wings with a dome-shaped head and seven eyes, with one of them located on its forehead. It also possesses an armored arm and upper chest. While it possesses a normal tongue and teeth, it only has a stomach-like cavity full of floating Magitronic cubes it is composed of. These cubes were unwittingly released by Akko when she destroyed the Noir Rod with Shiny Arc to save her mentor and idol Chariot, scattered around Arcturus Forest before swarming onto an intercontinental ballistic missile located in a submarine at the ocean.

After possessing the missile, the Noir Rod adds new features on the missile, including a red and black body, a spiked point, and two grayish blue stripes near its exhaust. However, upon confronting Akko and Diana, it progressively adapted more serpentine features that its overall appearance looked like what appeared to be a cross of a missile and giant, multi-eyed serpent with spiky body.


Since it's created based on data of the Shiny Rod, the Noir Rod possesses the ability to transform into different objects and was designed to break the seal of Grand Triskellion albeit in a forceful manner. Like the Pixels and Sorcery Units, it can be controlled via program installed on either magitronic smartphone or tablets. It also has the ability to shut down Ley Lines within its radius to prevent anyone except users of Shiny Rod or other items with its own magic power from using magic against it. Since it requires a large amount of magical energy, Croix utilized Noir Fuel Spirit.

However, because of the immeasurable amount of emotional energy absorbed, the Noir Rod ends up developing its own consciousness and hellbent on destroying the world. It also developed a considerable intellect when its newly awakened dragon form, Noir Rod turned against Croix due to its creator still has some degree of control over its systems and thus, still able to restrain it. Its corruption also resulted in the Noir Rod evolving into a resilient and powerful monster. In fact, the Noir Rod survived from having its body destroyed twice (first by multiple Sorcery Units' self-destruction and Akko' Shiny Arc) in spite of the process reduced it into numerous Pixels it composed of in process, forcing it to regenerate by assimilating a military missile. Fortunately, it took the power of the Grand Triskellion and the Shiny Arc empowered by hearts of the whole country fired by Akko and Diana to finally destroy it once and for all.


  • Aircraft Form: Vaguely resembling a stealth bomber, this form functions as transportation for Croix. This form also has ability to teleport to a desired destination, as it teleported from New Moon Tower to Arcturus Forest soon after its activation.
  • Excavator Form: Resembling a giant, six-legged spider with small abdoment, this form is designed to drill through powerful seal that contain the Grand Triskellion with laser fired from its bottom. It also possesses metallic restrain that Croix used to bind Chariot, having predicted her former friend won't give up the fight beforehand.

  • Noir Dragon: Considered the Noir Rod's "true form" because it gains its own consciousness. It resembles the Ancient Dragon from the first short film. Befitting to its size, the Noir Dragon possesses great deal of brute force and able to endure physical punishments from Chariot, as its head nearly fall apart by her kicks. It can also grab others with either its prehensile tail or front legs and trapped them inside its stomach-like cavity. However, it cannot withstand a Shiny Arc explosion that rendered most parts of its body useless, though the inflicted damage was enough to safely free Chariot with little to no harm.
  • Noir Missile: As Noir Missile, Noir Rod initially possesses same features and abilities with missile it possessed, but from the very moment it destroyed two missiles sent to destroy it and over the course of wild chase and battle against Akko and Diana, it displayed ability to fire small, guided projectiles with jagged mouth and ability to split into multiple smaller missiles. As this happens, its appearance became more and more bestial, almost serpentine that it will likely regain its original draconic form albeit more terrifying if given time.


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  • While not confirmed, due to its serpentine, draconic features upon becoming an out-of control Magitronic monster, as well as the fact it caused Ley Lines to shut down (which led to Akko and her friends ended up at Arcturus Forest) until Akko defeated it with Shiny Arc, Noir Rod is possibly alluding Nidhogg, the great dragon who gnaws at the root of Yggdrasil from Norse Mythology. Its serpentine features and intention to bring forth chaos and destruction may also alluding Jörmungandr, the World Serpent whose awakening is supposed to herald the beginning of Ragnarok, the end of the world.
  • Noir Rod's regeneration and development to the stronger form through assimilating an ICBM after its first defeat, coupled with its final destruction via. an ultimate attack, serpentine motif, and association to the series' main antagonist who has bitter rivalry with a main character before their eventual redemption is indirectly parallel to Maga-Orochi from Ultraman Orb Chronicle.
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