Orange Submariner (オレンジサブマリナー Orenji Sabumarinā?) is the 7th episode of the Little Witch Academia anime series.


Akko gets serious about studying but can't master the basics, even with Professor Ursula's help. She flubs test after test, risking her enrollment.


The episode begins with Lukić's magic law class where the eccentric, elderly professor terrifies her students with consequence of committing fraud and reviving the dead, only to be interrupted by Akko who asked whether such things would be brought in the oncoming test. After an awkward silence, the eccentric professor awkwardly nodded. Both Lotte and Sucy can't help but surprised by their roommate's unexpected change, which evident through her not join Sucy and Constanze watching Merman Apkallu and Apkallu 2: Revenge of the Merman so she can focus on her study.

Despite her newfound resolve to take her studies more seriously, Akko still finds herself at disadvantage, which doesn't help with the oncoming exam given to her progress prior to her visit at the Fountain of Polaris. In fact, throughout the exams, she unintentionally humiliated Finnelan when trying to outperform Diana in the strict professor's class, causing the angered professor to coerce Ursula to make a quick change. Not only that, Akko still has some difficulty in the academy's subjects including Bird Language (which earned her C during its test and another ridicule from Hannah and Barbara), Basic White Magic, Bird Language, Flight Magic (since she still yet able to fly), Culinary Magic (comically poisoning Professor Badcock with poorly enchanted apple), and Fundamental Alchemy (unintentionally blown the object she attempted to transmogrify into smithereens). Around this time, she learned from Lotte that Luna Nova has various specialized subjects which are essential to acquire national qualifications which offers various jobs that can use magic, something that Ursula confirmed in their private lesson prior to Flight Magic exam. The prospect of failure in the current semester looms over the Japanese, which doesn't help her despair as in the middle of Magic Astrology exam, Diana foretold that Akko would likely leave Luna Nova which inadvertently provoke another ridicule from other students, particularly from Hannah and Barbara who tripped her. This time, her anger and frustration get best of her that she attacked both bullies and resulted the fight between the three, much to Finnelan's anger that Akko ended up brought to the Headmistress Holbrooke's office where the Headmistress somberly tells her situation where she had to acquire the best grade in the final exam to avoid expulsion.

Even so, to try to get the best grade in the final exam (Magic Philosophy) is easier said than done, as the subject's teacher, Pisces, turned out to be the seemingly unassuming fish inside the bowl on the teacher's desk, a fact that Akko overlooked most of the semester that the failure seemed to be imminent. For a time, she fell into despair by the thought of expulsion due to her shortcomings in that test. Unwilling to give up, she resorted to try to bribe Professor Pisces with a bottle of "fancy water that celebrities drink" only for mineral water negatively affected her that she seemingly dying. Panicked, Akko starts to run around with her, culminating with Pisces slips out of her hands and goes down the drain of a nearby sink, much to her horror. Ursula, Lotte, and Sucy arrived at the scene as this happens, but there's still a hope to recover their missing teacher with Sucy pointed out that they just try to track Pisces down in the sewers. With that, the three friends soon give chase and enter the school's sewer, leaving Ursula to cover them up in the meantime.

As Ursula posed as Pisces where she turns a nearby eraser into a fish lure into the missing professor's bowl and hiding under the latter's desk (while poorly fooled Nelson who noticed something off in "Pisces"), Akko, Lotte, and Sucy turn into a fish to find the real Pisces, but Akko only able to transform halfway that she looked more like a large, cartoonish-looking anthropomorphic fish that retains her hairstyle and outfit. The three friends' search went to a dead end when Akko meets a lonely fish whose family trapped in a poacher's fish cage. Lotte tried to tell Akko that they had no time for helping the lonely fish's family, but Akko, unable to leave them on their fate, sacrificed her remaining magic energy to free them all before berating the fish cage's owner and returning his cage. Though they managed to find Pisces along the way, they ended up caught by Finnelan and other professors just as they returned to the school before being brought to Headmistress' office.

In the light of troubles that Akko caused to Pisces, coupled with her actions that inadvertently lead to the sighting of a merman all over the news, Finnelan demanded Akko's expulsion expelled for disgracing the academy and poor talents. This prompted Ursula to stands up for Akko by pointing out the young witch's progress (somehow mastering fish language in an instant and partial success of Metamorphosis Magic) despite the gap between her and her peers, but Finnelan remained adamant in her decision, going so far declaring that Akko never had a value as a witch from start. Finally confirming her senior's true color as a highly predictable person with bigotry against magically untalented students and narrowed perspective to the boot, Ursula calls Finnelan out for her injustice and expresses her approval of Akko's selflessness with a passionate conviction, leaving the latter speechless. Although, Finnelan eventually stands down for real once Badcock informed the Headmistress that Environmental Agency contacted Luna Nova to express their gratitude over the academy's part in saving an endangered species of fish from poaching and for that, Akko deserved a public commendation. It is then Lotte realized that they talked about a family of fishes Akko saved earlier. While Akko now spared from expulsion thanks to her selfless act, Holbrooke pointed out that she still deserve a less severe punishment for attempting to cheat in her now passed exam.

Later that night, Finnelan disciples Akko and her roommates with Ursula tag along in their detention as Akko expressed her gratitude to Ursula for standing up for her case and behave like a teacher. Ursula corrected the younger witch that she is her teacher before the two being told by Finnelan to get back to work. The episode ends with Akko and Ursula giggle together before continuing their work.

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  • Chariot's leitmotif plays during Ursula's spirited defense of Akko.
  • The episode title might be a reference to The Beatles 1966 song "Yellow Submarine".
  • During the ending outro, Akko, Lotte and Sucy in their fish form appear as one of the visual cards of the closing credits.
  • This episode and the exams take place in July, as stated in the chronicles book.[2]


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