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Pappiliodya (パピリオディア Papiriodia?) is the 2nd episode of the Little Witch Academia anime series.

On Netflix, the episode is titled with a slightly different spelling as "Papiliodia".[2]


Akko is excited when her classes finally start, but learning magic turns out to be boring. Worse, her classmates make fun of her for admiring Chariot.


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Akko begins her first day of lessons at Luna Nova, but the classes do not turn out to be as glamorous as she thought they would be. In addition, she has her first clash with the school's top student, Diana Cavendish, over their diverging views towards Shiny Chariot. While Akko later ponders over Chariot's unexplained disappearance ten years ago, Diana attempts to revive the academy's Jennifer Memorial Tree, which has been declining due to lack of nutrients, but instead her restoration spell reveals apparently parasitic growths feeding off its roots. From the Shiny Chariot trading cards she collected in her childhood, Akko recognizes these growths as the chrysalises of the Pappiliodya, an extremely rare species of magical butterflies, and manages to stop Diana before she can obliterate the cocoons. Using a spell listed in her trading card and some pronunciation help from Diana, Akko manages to use the Shiny Rod to successfully hatch the Pappiliodya, although the teachers assume Diana is the one responsible.

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  • Akko does 4x3 formation of cards does not include the Moonlit Witch card, first seen in "What You Will", or the card where Chariot is riding on the Shiny Rod in the form of a broom, seen in "Sky War Stanship".
  • This episode takes place in May, along with "A New Beginning" and "Don't Stop Me Now", as stated in the chronicles book.[3]


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