The Pappiliodya (パピリオディア Papiriodia?) is a magical creature similar to a butterfly. It was said that larvae of these insectoid creatures spent their time underground and feed on nutrients of plants. Pappiliodya larvae then developed into egg-like chrysalids which roots connected to plants that they feed during their development stage before emerges with their imago forms before travel across five continents. Due to their appearance, Pappiliodya may be related to fairies.

They only emerge once every hundred-twenty years and legends said that they will bring joy and happiness on those whom look upon them as they fly.

Appearance and Life Cycle

Pappiliodyae's life cycle works on the same way with regular butterflies. What their eggs and larvae forms looked like is unseen in the anime, but it's clear that in those stages, they spent their life underground and feed on nutries within trees upon entering larvae stage.

Upon entering pupa stage, Pappiliodya larvae would cocooned themselves within spiky, green egg-like chrysalids that glow in yellow. The yellow light seemed to come from their bodies as they developed from their larvae form to imago form. Once their development into their imago form completed, with or without magical assistance, they would emerged from their chrysalids and flew to the sky in a swarm. It should be noted that their chrysalid form during pupa stage greatly resembles parasitic mushroom that Diana mistaken them as parasites that had to be destroyed until Akko revealed what they are.

In their imago form, Pappiliodya possess huge wings similar with that of typical butterflies, but have human-like glowing body with four arms and two insectoid antennaes on the head.


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  • Their species' name is a reference to "Papillion", which is French for "butterfly."
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