Proto-Stinger is a prototype version of the legendary Shooting Star which made its debut in Little Witch Academia: Chamber of Time. It was kept at Museum of Magic until Amanda O'Neill stole it and put it into the Horologium Chamber as one of the chamber's decorations.


Proto-Stinger looked identical with Shooting Star in design and aesthetics albeit has blue and silver coloration as opposed of deep red, yellow, and orange.

Being the prototype of Shooting Star, Proto-Stinger can fly without needing an external source of magic, able to fly without a witch riding it as good as Shooting Star itself, and even flying in incredible speed, though its overall capabilities may pale in comparison. When Amanda and Diana brought it to Horologium Chamber, the broom is restrained with similar bindings with that of original Shooting Star, suggesting that both brooms share similar temper.


As the prototype of Shooting Star, Proto-Stinger was arguably crafted from the same materials as with the former, though the manner it was constructed plausibly not as good as the latter.

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