Puppet Magic (傀儡魔法 Kugutsu Mahō?) is a type of Magic which consists of animating non-living objects.


Puppet Magic is a type of magic that is applied to giving life to inanimate objects and controlling it at the user's will. The effect of this magic seems to last indefinitely.

Living and moving bodies can also be controlled with Puppet Magic, mainly when they are in a state of unconsciousness or immobility.

Puppet Control Magic

Statue Animation Spell

Statue Animation Spell is a spell which allow the caster to bring a statue to life and obeying the caster's commands. The duration and effectivity of the spell depends of the caster's mastery over it.

In "Pappiliodya", Diana demonstrated this spell by animating one of statues in Luna Nova's courtyard and having it restore Akko's ponytail that Sucy turned into a plant with her concoction back to normal. In "What You Will", some students ask "Diana" (who is actually Akko transformed into Diana by Woodward with one of the magic mirrors) to help them change the pose of the Great Witch Jennifer statue for the Samhain Festival. Akko tries to use this spell to animate the statue but is unable to even pronounce it correctly. In that, Diana arrives and uses the spell to change the pose of the statue. The real Diana appears and uses the spell correctly to change the pose of the statue in Akko's stead.

Rope Binding Spell

The Rope Binding Spell is a spell which allow the caster to briefly gives life to a rope and have it surrounding the target into a spherical cage that traps them inside it and hardens. Unlike most spells, this spell is casted with use of Puppet Magic Potion.

Sucy uses it in "A New Beginning" to trap Lotte and Akko and use them as "sacrifices" to the Cockatrice.

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