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Ramzan Manbavaran (ラムザン・マンババラン Ramuzan Manbabaran?) is a character that first appeared in the Keisuke Satō manga adaptation of Little Witch Academia. She is the adoptive mother of Sucy Manbavaran.


Ramzan is an elderly woman with long, tangled hair. To complete her witch-like appearance, she wears a cloak.


Ramzan is described as being an eccentric witch by Sucy. She will adopt any lost and abandoned child that crosses paths with her, meaning she is caring. She also carries wise advice as she told Sucy that birthdays were more about feelings then they were about celebration.


At one point in the past, Ramzan found Sucy and adopted her along with several orphans she comes across. Because she had many lost and abandoned children in her care, Ramzan's orphanage held the birthday party for one or more of them almost everyday, so much that it greatly irritated Sucy to the point of her questioning the significance of birthday. Upon asking it to Ramzan, the older witch explained that the thing that matters from birthday is the feeling instead of the celebration.


Sucy Manbavaran

Ramzan is shown to have a good relationship as she was seen giving advice to Sucy when she asked what was special about birthdays. Sucy was adopted by Manbavaran when they somehow crossed paths. The whereabouts of Sucy's real family are unknown but nonetheless Ramzan is the closest person to Sucy when it comes to family.


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