The Samhain Festival is a festival marking the end of the harvest season and the beginning of winter celebrated October 31 to November 1. Since its foundation, Luna Nova Academy has had the tradition of making an exposition of magic to demonstrate the might and mettle of the academy to alumnae from around the world, choosing the most talented student to receive the title of "Moonlit Witch".  


The winner becomes Moonlit Witch.

The festival has been celebrated for 1600 years, and the students of Luna Nova Academy have the responsibility to prepare it. The festival consists of a series of magic displays made by each team of students, such as the preparation of potions, recitation of incantations, the ancient dark dance, a demonstration of Summoning Magic and a medieval magic dinner course. The last act is a sacrifice to the ghost of Vajarois, who wakes up at midnight every festival and devours the team chosen for the sacrifice before returning to her slumber until the next festival. However, this tradition became unnecessary after Vajarois was freed from her curse of sorrow by Akko, Lotte, and Sucy.

The festival is attended by everyone at Luna Nova as well as alumni who are specially invited.

Known Moonlit Witches

Known invited alumni


  • The Samhain Festival is based on the real-world Gaelic holiday of the same name.


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