The Seed of Sorrow (悲しみの実 Kanashimi no mi?) is a cursed seed that, when consumed, grows inside of the digestive system, causing eternal sorrow in those affected. The curse of sorrow only can only be dispelled if the seed is extracted from the interior of the afflicted person.

Arae Aryrha2

Pulling out the seed


As shown in the 13th episode of the anime, Samhain Magic, Princess Vajarois ate the seed in the last moments of her life after losing her friends, in an attempt to remember them after her demise. In doing so, her despondency grew so immense that she transformed into a ghost of grief known as Vajorois the Wailing. Her spirit was freed and the spell was broken after Atsuko Kagari, Lotte Jansson and Sucy Manbavaran removed the seed from her body.

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