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The seven Words have been lost for a long time. Simply reciting them will not activate them. Only when the one reciting them breathes life into their revival will the magic be released.

—Ursula to Akko, Chariot of Fire

The Seven Words of Arcturus (アークトゥルスの7つの言の葉 Ākuto~urusu no 7tsu no kotonoha?) are seven special words that form a spell with the power to break the seal of Grand Triskellion. The Claiomh Solais has seven crystals known as the Seven Stars connected to the Seven Words. Each word has a special meaning, which when understood and adopted by the wielder of the Claiomh Solais, allows them to awaken a power within it, breathing life into their revival. Once all Seven Words of Arcturus are revived, the seal of Grand Triskellion will break, releasing the ancient magic held within.

Chariot was able to revive six of the seven words, but she could never revive the seventh. After becoming the new weilder of the Claiomh Solais, Akko began to revive the words again, finally managing to revive them all and obtain the Grand Triskellion.

List of words

When the incantation of a Word is known, and even if its meaning is known, it cannot be activated by mere recitation. A witch with a hidden radiance must feel it in their heart for it to be cast— "breathing life" into the long-dormant word through the Shiny Rod. The witch chosen by the Shiny Rod must revive the words through their own power, encountering them as they learn and grow.

Each individual Word is also a spell with wondrous power exclusive to Shiny Rod itself.

First Word: Noctu Orfei Aude Fraetor

Noctu Orfei Aude Fraetor (ノット オーフェ オーデン フレトール Notto Ōfe Ōden Furetōru?) is the First Word of Arcturus that means "Strive for your ideal place". In full it is "Those that try to achieve their dreams must go through hardships. There may come times when you fail and lose sight of that dream. But you must never let the flame in your heart go out. Burn that flame brightly, and strive for your ideal place". Once gaining the full understanding on it and unlocking it in the process, the user can transmogrify Shiny Rod into a bow that can form one or more magical arrows at the user's will through reciting the Word. In addition of opening portals that allow travel through the Ley Lines, the conjured arrow can also be released in form of a powerful magical attack where it detonates into a powerful (often firework-like) explosion strong enough to decimate a monster around the size of a Briton Red Dragon upon hitting its mark.

Should the user uses the power of First Word of Arcturus in full anger, the Shiny Rod instead turns into a giant bow which lower limb planted to the ground that allows her to project a magic blast which powerful enough to scar the moon.

When combined with the power of Grand Triskellion bolstered by Fuel Spirit from entire nation's believing hearts, on the other hand, it will turn Shiny Rod into a massive bow with a single proportionally huge arrow loaded with both power which allows the user to restore Yggdrasil itself.

Akko was able to revive it in "A New Beginning" in the Arcturus Forest by not giving up on getting to Luna Nova in time for the matriculation ceremony in order to fulfill her dreams of becoming a witch. Though she already familiar with the First Word of Arcturus from Shiny Chariot's performance when she was young beforehand, it took Ursula guiding her in reciting it thus allowing her to turn Shiny Rod into its bow form in order to open a Ley Line portal straight to Luna Nova for her, Lotte, and Sucy, subsequently leading them arrived in nick of time much to the surprise of everyone.

Second Word: Phaidoari Afairynghor

Phaidoari Afairynghor (フェドアリー アフェルゴー Fedoarī Aferugō?) is the Second Word of Arcturus that means "You do not get the things that you dream of, you get the things you work for". Once gaining the full understanding on it and unlocking it in the process, the user can transmogrify Shiny Rod into a great Axe which can be used to launch a frontal attack, strong enough to damage Woodward's monstrous form.

Akko was able to revive it in "Blue Moon" in the Blue Moon Abyss when rejecting the notion that her dreams could only be fulfilled by renouncing her past, choosing to go forward by her own account, working day after day to realize them. She has previously learned both the Word and its meanings from Ursula before implementing it during her confrontation against the Full Moon Spirit, leading her instinctively turning the Shiny Rod into its Shiny Ax configuration to destroy Woodward's false vision with.

Third Word: Arae Aryrha

Arae Aryrha (アライアリーラ Araiarīra?) is the Third Word of Arcturus that means "Do not compare yourself with others, do what only you can do". Once gaining the full understanding on it and unlocking it in the process, the user can either transmogrify Shiny Rod into a magical grappling hook that can be used to hold and pull large objects or performing Metamorphosis Magic at a scale greater than generic spells belonged to said magic.

Akko was able to revive it in "Samhain Magic" in her determination to free Vajarois from her curse of sorrow, breaking 1600 years of tradition and proving herself by her own qualities instead of just trying to emulate Shiny Chariot or to outperform Diana as she initially intended. While she learned its meanings through her prep chat with Ursula following the mishap with a magic mirror instigated by Woodward, Akko later learned the word from another flashback Fountain of Polaris showed to her, one from the perspective of someone Chariot knew in her past. She only managed to use the Word to transmogrify Shiny Rod into its grappling hook form but not never its Metamorphosis Magic variant unlike Chariot, however.

Fourth Word: Mayenab Dysheebudo

Mayenab Dysheebudo (マエナブディシィブード Maenabudishi~ibūdo?) is the Fourth Word of Arcturus that means "To see it through, patience is important". Once gaining the full understanding on it and unlocking it in the process, the user can transmogrify Shiny Rod into a sprinkler that can not only mix any liquid, but also spread it in the very wide radius.

Akko was able to revive it in "Pohjola's Trial" by realizing the importance of being patient to make the antidote to save her friends from the Greenman Disease. She has learned the Word from Ursula before discovering its meaning herself as per Ursula's hint regarding her flaw. Upon discovering its meaning, she transmogrify the staff into its sprinkler form, spreading the completed antidote all over the neighborhood surrounding Jansson's residence and beyond, effectively ending the outbreak of Greenman Disease.

Fifth Word: Sybilladura Lelladybura

Sybilladura Lelladybura (シビラデューラ レラディヴューラ Shibirade~yūra Reradivu~yūra?) is the Fifth Word of Arcturus that means "When traditional and modern powers mingle, the gate to an unseen world will open". It was passed down from Beatrix the Affectionate to the Cavendish family. Once gaining the full understanding on it and unlocking it in the process, the user can transmogrify Shiny Rod into its magic broom form called Shiny Balai that can fly at incredible speed albeit still pale in comparison of Shooting Star as well as swiftly teleport from one place to another through Ley Lines.

Akko was able to revive it in "Intelligence and Sensibility" after learning Diana's dream of of preserving the selfless legacy of House of Cavendish without giving up Luna Nova, persuading her to believe in her heart. At that time, neither of them realized its significance as one of Seven Words of Arcturus until Akko recites it under Diana's guidance, turning it into its magic broom configuration with which the two reach the hidden sanctuary where the succession ceremony for the position oh head of Cavendish family takes place. Though they managed to outpace Daryl, Maril and Merrill Cavendish who attempted to stop both girls, Diana ultimately opted save her aunt and nieces from the curse that afflicted them because of their own actions, a noble decision that earned the young Cavendish Beatrix's approval despite of it costed her the chance to become her family's new head.

Sixth Word: Lyonne

Lyonne (リュオーン Ryuōn?) is the Sixth Word of Arcturus that means "Thank you". Once gaining the full understanding on it and unlocking it in the process, the user can use Shiny Rod's immense healing power where it manifests golden light tendrils from their respective stars that can heal most severe of wounds, though not strong enough to undo the effect of Wagandea's cursed pollen.

Akko was able to revive it in "Wagandea" by recognizing and thanking Ursula for everything she did for her following the incident at the episode's titular location, allowing her to use it to heal the latter's wounds, though the bespectacled professor can no longer fly with her broom from that point but retains the rest of her magical abilities. She initially learned the Word from Ursula before discovering its meanings on her own in the same incident. Ursula herself on the other hand, revived this word when she thanked Croix for not resenting her for being chosen by the Shiny Rod instead of her as both had expected.

Seventh Word: Phasansheer Shearylla

Phasansheer Shearylla (ファサンシール シェアリーラ Fasanshīru Shearīra?) is the Seventh Word of Arcturus that means "Connect with other people, and your dreams will grow". Once gaining the full understanding on it and unlocking it in the process with previous Words already unlocked, the user can unseal Grand Triskellion at Arcturus Tower and combine it with Shiny Rod, allowing her to access its World Altering Magic. Though unconfirmed, the Seventh Word may have another function just like the Third Word.

Akko was able to revive it in "The Road to Arcturus" by affirming her bond with Ursula and recognizing how her professor's guidance and the help of friends allowed her to achieve the dream of meeting Chariot again and so much more, even after discovering Ursula not only the retired Shiny Chariot but also the one who handicapped her magic due to being tricked by Croix as part of the latter's Noir Fuel Spirit plan culminated to the creation of Noir Rod. When she eventually unlocked the Word, the Japanese bring forth the Grand Triskellion which she then combined with Shiny Rod before releasing its power to both revive Yggdrasil and destroy the resuscitated Noir Rod that has assimilated a missile.

Related Spells

The following is spells that not part of Seven Words of Arcturus, but nevertheless involved the use of Shiny Rod in casting them:

Shiny Ballista

A spell that related to First Word of Arcturus in some form, Shiny Ballista (シャイニーバリスタ Shainī Ballista?) allows the caster to turn Shiny Rod into its namesake configuration; a giant floating ballista that forms a single giant magical arrow loaded with her and her two allies' combined power which strong enough to put the Titan dormant and even crippling Molly's Ghost Witch form in one hit. Two supporting casters would pull each ends of the ballista as the main caster set the magical arrow loose.

In the second short, Akko, Lotte, and Sucy used this spell in conjunction of one they previously casted (Nullification Spell) to put the awakened Titan back to dormancy.

In Little Witch Academia: Chamber of Time on the other hand, depending on the player's decision, Akko, Lotte, and Sucy defeats Molly McIntyre's monstrous alter-ego Ghost Witch with this spell.



  • In the first short, the incantation to perform Shiny Arc is Makmur Mikmur Mektoral instead of Noctu Orfei Aude Fraetor, the same incantation to perform Shiny Ballista. This was the result of changes by the writer in order to re-establishing Shiny Arc as the ability of First Word of Arcturus, subsequently leaving Makmur Mikmur Mektoral sole means to access Shiny Rod's Shiny Ballista ability.