Sleeping Sucy (眠れる夢のスーシィ Nemureru Yume no Sūshi?) is the 8th episode of the Little Witch Academia anime series.

On Netflix, the episode is titled "Akko's Adventure in Sucyworld".[2]


After drinking an experimental brew, Sucy falls into a deep sleep and won't wake up. To save her, Lotte sends Akko into Sucy's mushroom-filled dream.


The episode begins in the dark and stormy night as Sucy finally completed her ominous ultimate potion brewed out of rarest strains of mushrooms (arguably the same rare magical mushroom species she had Akko collected on her behalf in events of Chamber of Time). After boasting how she would awaken all her magical potential and importantly, gain control over every mushroom all over the world with it, Sucy is about to drink the ultimate potion before reconsiders to test it on the sleeping Akko. However, at the very last moments, she changed her mind and drink the potion herself, remarking how things will be boring if it indeed improved the bubbly witch's magic as intended.

Hilariously, it's turned out that in the next morning, Sucy forgot to remove the funnel she put on Akko's mouth, and the bubbly Japanese still has it as she hastily changes her clothes before finally spitting it up as soon as she awakens from her sleep. Simultaneously, Lotte tried to wake Sucy up to no avail, but since they now about to enter Finnelan's class and not wanted to start another trouble with the strict professor, the two eventually leave the room without their friend, oblivious with latest oddities (the funnel in Akko's mouth and later, a red mushroom popping out near the Manbavaran's pillow).

By the time Akko and Lotte returned to their dorm room, the two are horrified to see it has been overrun with mushrooms and Sucy still sleeping in the middle of it all. The panicked Akko then tried to wake her friend while crying out over their situation, but oddly enough, Sucy doesn't immediately respond upon the mention of mushroom. Akko then tries to go for the teachers but is stopped by Lotte who deduced that the chaos was likely caused by Sucy's experiments judging from her strewn equipment and they cannot add other troubles in their list. As Akko becomes desperate in waking Sucy up, Lotte realizes their roommate might contract the sleeping witch disease which can only be cured by having someone waking her up from within her inner spiritual realm. Consulting with her magical medicine book, she found the spell to solve the disease, but unsure whether she can pull it off until more mushrooms growing out of control and literally bumped their head against the ceiling. After rid of offending mushrooms, Lotte checks on Sucy's collection of potions for Akko to bring along to wake their roommate as soon as the latter found her and commenced the spell. Hilariously, the said spell involves forming a baseball-like magic construct around her wand before smacking it against the volunteer(Akko)'s head, causing her to fell unconscious beside Sucy's unconscious body.

Awakening at a strange wonderland of mushrooms, which is unmistakably Sucy's inner spiritual world, the awestruck Akko stumbles upon small humanoid mushrooms carrying a sword and a shield before getting ambushed by a small Sucy-like imp who proclaimed that she would literally take her soul and attacks. As this happens, another small Sucy, this time an angelic one, stopped her devil counterpart and suggested to kill Akko in a more peaceful manner. Realizing that the two are representations of temptation and conscience of real Sucy respectively, Akko enlisted their help to find the original Sucy, in which they realized that the original hasn't around for quite some time and agreed to lend her a hand under the condition to treat Sucy fairly and carry her books to class for a whole month, which Akko reluctantly accepted.

As Akko tells both Angel Sucy and Devil Sucy about latest developments in the real world as they are on their way for Mushroom Hills (a giant mushroom-like facility where original Sucy resides), they encounter several other aspects of Sucy's personalities such as:

  • Lazy Sucy: Representation of Sucy's lazy side wearing a sleeping bag and crawling around like a worm.
  • Impatient Sucy: Representation of Sucy's impatient side that assumes the form of a group of clones of Sucy with a grayish body and moving and talking so fast that it's hard to fully perceive how they looked like, let alone what they say.
  • Obsessed Sucy: Representation of Sucy's angry side resembling Sucy with her pajamas who hugs a nearby mushroom.
  • Angry Sucy: Representation of Sucy's angry side which resembles Obsessed Sucy a bit but constantly angry and spending all of her time repeatedly punching a stone slab.
  • Sucy Who Wanted To Get Plastic Surgery: Representation of Sucy's desire for plastic surgery. She resembles her normal self dressed in Luna Nova practice uniform but with the ability to assume a robotic form.
  • Greedy Sucy: Representation of Sucy's greedy side dressing like a stereotypical thief who obsessively collecting mushrooms within her grasp into her oversized sack that barely able to hold its contains.
  • Easily-Influenced Sucy: Representation of Sucy's easily-influenced side dressing like a Jedi complete with a cloak and a neon blue lightsaber.
  • Monster Sucy/Quick-to-Imitate Sucy: Representation of either monstrous side or imitating side of Sucy who looked like a Godzilla knock-off.
  • Instant-copycat Sucy: Representation of Sucy's unknown side, only that she writes あほ (idiot) in her face.
  • Sucy's Entertainer Side: Representation of Sucy's idea of entertainment, which dresses like a stage magician whose hat produces snakes instead of bunnies.
  • Alpaca Sucy: Representation of Sucy's desire to spit everything around her and love for alpacas.

Recovering from the jumpscare of Sucy's Entertainer Side and a thick spit of Alpaca Sucy on her face, Akko, Devil Sucy, and Angel Sucy encounter a small Sucy with black dress and lily on her hands whom abruptly arrested by two Sucy-like policewomen. To Akko's shock, the little Sucy is brought to the court of emotions along with feelings that newly appears in Sucy's heart, in which they will be judged accordingly as stated by Devil Sucy. Entering the court, Akko is disturbed by its seemingly harsh system as each of the said feelings is given a death sentence in somewhat indiscriminate manner. Upon seeing the little Sucy's turn, Akko stepped in for her defense only to be given a death sentence along with the rest. As Akko is on a very long line for execution, Devil Sucy mocks her for interfering the court, angering the Japanese that she comically bites her and forces her to picklock her wooden shackle with her trident. Finally freed, Akko is surprised to see two Executioner Sucys (Sucys who represent her desire in disposing her unneeded feelings each clad in a gray robe and a giant, rusty triangular helmet with a large eye socket) taking their time testing their guillotine by cutting some large radishes with it before starting the execution for real. To Akko's horror, the little Sucy turned out to be the first to be executed, promoting her to save the said Sucy before proceeded to do the same on the rest of convicted emotions despite Executioner Sucys' protest. Whereas Akko relieved that she might've performed a good deed, Devil Sucy is less than impressed.

Meanwhile, the uneasy Lotte is still waiting for her roommates to awaken in real world. To her horror, mushrooms have grown around her hands that she cried out for both Sucy and Akko to immediately wake up.

Back in Sucy's inner spiritual world, Akko, the little Sucy, Angel Sucy, and Devil Sucy hitchhike a ride with Sucy in red dress who happened to be on her way for a drive-in theatre due to their journey's lack of progress. The group then join the said Sucy watching the movie despite Angel Sucy's protests with Devil Sucy reassured that they need some meta references once a while. To Akko's surprise, the movie consists of Sucy's memories which played based on the Manbavaran's perspective and stylized into that of the old-school animations. At first, Akko finds herself amused upon seeing how Diana in that memory movie depicted with long, triangular nose and comically long limbs (which clearly representing Sucy's view of the Cavendish as an arrogant person) until her own cartoon counterpart revealed to have an even more comical design (complete with a bucktooth that sticks out like a sore thumb) followed by the comical take of her difficulties in flying with a broom. Predictably, this angers Akko who decries the memory movie and declares that it doesn't look anything like her, unaware that her film counterpart mimics her gestures at the exact same time (which definitely doesn't help her situation). The movie soon plays re-enactments of the pranks Sucy pulled on Akko in her daily basis. Despite initially appaled, Akko nevertheless found the prank scenes amusing until the memory movie shows the moment where both her and Sucy first met, in which the scene briefly takes a much more realistic style that Sucy with red dress commented it to be "The Best Film of the Year". Realizing the memory's significance, Akko can't help but deeply moved by it as the movie continues to the broom race scene. However, the scene ends with Akko's team winning which culminates to Sucy who testing the poison from their prize and things went downhill from that point: As Lotte screams in horror upon having her fingertips become much more mushroom-like, mushrooms in her surroundings spread out of control with each of them grow to titanic size, demolishing the entire Luna Nova from inside out. As fire spreads from to the infestation, the mushrooms continue to grow with Lotte seemingly crushed to her death among them with the film burns away. As if that wasn't scary enough, a similar event seemingly occured in the real world, ...or so it seemed.

However, this all simply the beginning of the true nightmare; whereas Akko and the rest of the audience are left horror-strucked, the little Sucy lets out a disturbing, maniacal laughter. The incredulous Akko berates little Sucy for laughing upon the afromentioned scene only for her splits into five before recombine into a deformed, humanoid kaiju with a mockery of Sucy's visage. The drive-in theater explodes afterwards, with the fully-formed Abomination Sucy devours the entire audience and starting its rampage. As this happens, Akko, Angel Sucy, Devil Sucy, and a small humanoid mushroom managed to escape the carnage with Sucy with red dress' car at top speed. It is then Angel Sucy and Devil Sucy explained the true purpose of Sucy's court of emotions earlier: Everyone, particularly humans including Sucy herself, cast aside their stray thoughts and impulses to maintain the balance in their psyche which in turn, averting the chaos caused by mental imbalance among themselves — the very chaos Akko inadvertently started by saving the little Sucy. As Abomination Sucy rushed after them, Devil Sucy further stated that waking the original Sucy up is the only way to restore order and undoing before she and Angel Sucy got devoured by the beast, leaving Akko who made haste for the Mushroom Hills on her own.

Crashing into Mushroom Hill, the desperate Akko becomes understandably frustrated upon seeing hundreds of rooms within the building with Abomination Sucy hot on her tracks. After checking Room 493 and Room 494 (each inhabited by Punk-Rock Sucy and Alpaca Sucy respectively), Akko meets an elderly Sucy from Room 495 who claimed to know the whereabouts of original Sucy. Much to her dismay, this Sucy blabbers seemingly for hours (possibly longer than Akko ever did) rather than immediately telling original's room, which doesn't help as Abomination Sucy already entered the building as she speaks. In fact, it took being yelled by Akko and immediately devoured by the abomination afterwards that the said Sucy revealed original Sucy's whereabouts: Room 666. With no time to lose, Akko barges into the said room and found original Sucy sleeping on a stone bed surrounded by thorns. As Akko cutting her way for the original, Abomination Sucy turns into a giant drake-like creature while continuing the chase, giving the Japanese a hard time until it got stuck among the surrounding thorns. Now finally having original Sucy in her grasp, Akko tearfully begged the said Sucy to awaken before recalled that she brought her medicines with her earlier. However, with Dragon Sucy in tow, Akko resorts to mix them all into her mouth and feed the mixed medicine via mouth-to-mouth, knowing that she'll steal Sucy's first kiss in process. Hilariously, Dragon Sucy stops its advance in that instance and enjoy the sight of Akko about to "kiss" Sucy. As if that wasn't hilarious enough, Akko's advance proved too slow that the latter eventually awakens in annoyance, leading Akko crashed face-in onto the stone bed. Nevertheless, the happy Akko happily hugs Sucy with dismayed Dragon Sucy about to cry ad its head explode like a balloon, followed by Lotte's cries for them to awaken out of nowhere.

Finding herself awaken back in her room seemingly return to the moment when she woke up with a funnel on her mouth earlier (though she doesn't have a funnel on her mouth this time), Akko, with memories of her adventures in Sucy's inner spiritual world still fresh in her mind, rushed to awake the Manbavaran. Mirroring the near-kissing experience earlier, she ended up bumped her head against the latter's bed with the annoyed Sucy awakens and hugged by the Japanese afterwards. Sucy, unaware with what Akko had gone through, remarked that Akko is more annoying than usual as the three friends prepare themselves for Finnelan's class. Akko initially believes that the latest events were a dream until Sucy reminds her the promise to carry her stuff for a month, much to her confusion. Nevertheless, Akko shrugs it off before catching up with her friends as the episode ends, oblivious that a red mushroom popping out near Sucy's pillow...

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Errors and Goofs

  • When one looked closely on Sucy's personality which desires plastic surgery transformed, one can see that her normal left eye is missing, yet her post-transformed face does had two eyesockets.
  • When Akko found the sleeping original Sucy in her room the climax, she was seen carrying a sword along with a shield that she previously found carried by small humanoid mushrooms upon entering Sucy's dream. Oddly enough, Akko was never seen grabbing those, only being seen with them after after she was inside the room.


  • The episode has some allusions from popular culture such as:
    • Sleeping Beauty: The title of the episode, as well as the climax were allusions to Sleeping Beauty. When Akko tries to wake up the original Sucy, she tries to give her the medicine via mouth-to-mouth, even commenting that she is stealing her first kiss. Interestingly, during this point, the gigantic Sucy monster whom chase Akko morphed into a kaiju that greatly resembles Maleficent's dragon form from the Disney movie.
    • Dexter's Lab: The beginning sequence where she creates the potion is an homage to the introduction of Dexter's Laboratory.
    • Gravity Falls: The scene in which Lotte reads the way to cure Sucy's illness is similar to a scene in Gravity Falls in which Dipper Pines reads how to enter someone's mind out of Journal 3.
    • Inception: Akko goes inside Sucy's dream to wake her up.
    • Wizard of Oz: Sucy's dream is set in a location quite similar to the golden road of the Wizard of Oz.
    • Your Name: One of several Sucies encountered writes あほ (idiot) in her face, referencing a famous scene from the movie.
    • Star Wars: One of several Sucies encountered dressed like Obi-Wan Kenobi and even had a lightsaber, a Jedi's weapon of choice.
    • Transformers: One of several Sucies encountered transforms her face, causing it to resemble the Transformers from the Michael Bay movies.
    • Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney: The Sucy who wants to cuddle baby animals has the same animation as April May in the Turnabout Sisters case​​​​​​​.
    • Shin Godzilla: One of the Sucies encountered by Akko in her dream behave and looked like Godzilla's incarnation of Shin Godzilla, with some of her hair protruding on her back like titular kaiju's dorsal fins and had one of her legs rose like the latter's tail. Even this Sucy breathes fiery atomic beam whilst releasing energy beams from both "dorsal fins" and the tip of her "tail" leg (the beams and breath attack look like white laser and streams of fire arguably to avoid copyright issues).
    • Silent Hill: Two Sucy Executioners dressed like Pyramid Heads, iconic monsters from Silent Hill franchise.
    • Classic Walt Disney animations: The movie scene is a reference to the old-school Disney animations.
    • AKIRA: The movie scene where Lotte gets squashed by masses of growing mushroom is eerily reminiscent with Kaori's death when she was squashed by uncontrollably growing biomass of Tetsuo's in climatic scene of AKIRA.
    • Annie: The Sucy who picks Akko up along with Angel!Sucy and Devil!Sucy to the theatre of memories dressed like the titular character from 1982 musical film of the same name.
    • Attack on Titan & Spirited Away: The little Sucy's monster form alludes that of the enormous, titular giant/zombie from the former series while her interactions to Akko up until her transformation mirrors No-Face's to Chihiro in latter film (from offering Akko/Chihiro lily/gold, being spared from execution/allowed into the bathhouse during the rain, and their behavior during their rampage).
  • The car's plates read LWA 008 = Little Witch Academia episode 8.
  • The room number 666 is an allusion of the Mark of the Beast, also known as the symbol of Satan.
  • The statement by the Policewomen Sucy to the Nice Sucy ("You do not have the right to remain silent. You also do not have the right to consult an attorney.") when she arrests her is an inversion of the rights law enforcement in the United States must inform suspects in their custody of before they are interrogated, the most famous of which is the right to remain silent. Together these rights and the warning that anything the suspects says can be used against them in a court of law compose the Miranda warnings.
  • This episode features the fewest characters in the series, with only Akko, Lotte and Sucy appearing.
  • The Netflix title "Akko's Adventure in Sucyworld" is likely a reference to the famous book Alice's Adventures in Wonderland.
  • This episode takes place in the beginning of September after the summer vacation ends, as stated in the chronicles book.[3]


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