The Sorcery Units (魔導ユニット Madō yunitto?) are Magitronic devices created by Croix that she describes as "evolved" flying brooms.


The Sorcery Units are electronic hovercrafts that look like roombas (a brand of autonomous robotic vacuum cleaners) which are able to levitate. 

They are manipulable at a distance through wireless devices that Croix possesses. They have many functions, being used by Croix for multiple tasks. Its main use is to be able to fly using magical energy, being able to charge a person.

They are also capable of cleaning, similar to a vacuum cleaner. They are capable of projecting three-dimensional holograms, as well as interacting with Croix's research systems. They are able to channel magical energy in order to perform spells artificially, allowing their user to perform them through their control devices, mainly taking advantage of the Pixel devices that are stored and transported inside them. They can also be used as weapons and equipped with guns that shoot laser beams.