The Sorcery Units (魔導ユニット Madō yunitto?) are Magitronic devices created by Croix that she describes as "evolved" brooms.


The Sorcery Units are flying roomba-like device that can be remotely controlled with use of programs in specialized smartphone Croix developed and powered by magical energies. The Units possess many functions to carry out various tasks, including cleaning as with ordinary roombas.

The following features Sorcery Units possess are:

  • 3D Holographic Projector: To project three-dimensional images to lecture things.
  • Noir Fuel Spirit Absorption and Distribution: Sorcery Units can absorb and distribute anger-based Fuel Spirit throughout other magitronics as well as artificially perform spells. One such spells is projecting a blast of healing energy to restore severely injured beings.
  • Pixel Storage: Sorcery Units can store large amounts of Pixels to further harvesting Fuel Spirit from populace and even releasing them if needed.
  • Transportation: True to Croix's description of it as "evolved" brooms, Sorcery Units can be used to fly with like Magic Brooms.
  • Mind Probe: Sorcery Units can project a beam to scan memories of a person which also knock them unconscious throughout the process.
  • Weapon System: Sorcery Units also outfitted with several weapons for combat like attack drones;
    • Magic Blaster: A collapsible blaster that emerges on top of a Sorcery Unit designed to fire bolts of magic energy possibly to stun target.
    • Machine Gun: A collapsible machine gun that emerges from the bottom of the Sorcery Unit.
    • Self-Destruct Program: Sorcery Units also design to self-destruct if needed, inflicting considerable damage around it in process.


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