Spirits (精霊 Seirei?) (also known as Fairies/Faeries in the anime series) are magical beings that haunt the world, residing within old objects. Normally they are hidden in plain sight, but witches in Finland developed a magic song that calls them from invisibility and appeases them.


Spirits are small incorporeal creatures. They are the very soul of an object developed after a long time. Their appearances vary from one and another, but what most of them share in common is their bodies seemed to composed of light. There are spirits called Will-'o-the-wisp or Fire Spirits which are distinguished by their quality of emitting a brightness similar to fire.

While spirits mostly behave peace and friendly as many of them befriends with witches, they can also become aggressive as seen in The Enchanted Parade. It seemed that magic used to attract and communicate with spirits would also affect their mood depend on the said magic's purpose. For instance, dark magic used by a Titan in The Enchanted Parade on various objects surrounding its prison would provoked nearby spirit become aggressive and possessed it to cause chaos, while Lotte's sheet of ancestral song would attract and entertained nearby spirits that made them had fun with her.

The spirits can be contracted with witches in a similar way to a familiar, so that the spirit can stay close and give the witch his help and advice.

Powers and Abilities

Spirits can possess inanimate objects and even give the said object anthropomorphic attributes in the process. Besides, they possess all knowledge that exists about the object they inhabit and its history.

The Will-'o-the-wisp can emit bright light from their bodies to illuminate dark places and even generate fire.


  • Due to in English dub they also known as fairies, spirits whom appeared so far may come from races that related to fairies, similar with Pappiliodyas, species of mystical butterflies with more humanoid appearance that they resembles pixies.
  • In The Enchanted Parade, Lotte's sheet music for the Song of the Spirits has the lyrics for Bjork's song "Crying".

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