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The Stanbot is a robotic helper created by Constanze as her assistants.


In its active form, Stanbot is a mechanical robot with a large head that looks like either a Nintendo 64 or a GameCube but with grey and blue patterns, a small cuboid body, and two arms and legs. Stanbot's legs and arms can be tucked in whenever it shifts to its box configuration. Aside from box configuration, it can also transform into a magic gun that resembles a shotgun (Uzi in short films). However, Stanbot's gun configuration is only accessible manually.



Stanbots are among the magic-mechanical projects that Constanze worked on since her enrollment at Luna Nova developed as her robot helpers whilst remaining undetected by teachers. Until the events of either TV Series or Enchanted Parade, Stanbots initially lacked their ability to assume their autonomous robot forms.

TV Series

Luna Nova and the White Dragon

Constanze has begun working on at least one stanbot sometimes prior to or during the events of this episodes. Although the stanbot is yet to possess its robot configuration, its weapon configurations (shotgun and RPG) has been available, which Constanze used in great effect against Fafnir's Robot Dragons.

Sky War Stanship

Akko accidentally destroys one of the Stanbots when he was loading the things of Constanze. Later, it is revealed that Constanze has several copies of them, which tell Akko to leave and stop bothering Constanze. Later, everyone helps Akko and Constanze to build the Stanship and they find Akko's design for the Grand Charion absurd although Constanze manages to implement it. Finally, they appear dismissing the Stanship when this part to Wild Hunt.

Little Witch Academia: Chamber of Time

The events of Chamber of Time game, which set between Orange Submariner and Sleeping Sucy, revealed that Constanze has built at least 3 fully functional Stanbots. She brings two of them with her whenever she explores regions accessible through the use of Magic Keys on Sealed Door of Horologium Chamber.


These robots are capable of performing various tasks given by Constanze as well as to express herself, usually by having one or multiple of these robots speak for her behalf. They are also programmed to have sentience and intelligence of their own, allowing them to work independently.

Stanbots can also be manually reconfigured into a gun mode to be used as a weapon. In this configuration, Stanbot uses magic energy as ammunition, though it has "unlimited ammo" when a magic source is around. As shown in Chamber of Time game, Stanbot's gun mode can also project a destructive laser beam as an attack called Laser Blast.


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