Summoning Magic (召喚魔法 Shōkan Mahō?) is a type of Magic that is is used to invoke beings, creatures or elements.


Summoning Magic is a type of magic that that allows to summon beings, creatures or elements where the users are. It is a very ancient and complex magic, usually requiring long incantations and specific conditions.

Summoning Magic Spells

Water Summoning Spell

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Sprite Summoning Spell

Fairy Summoning Spell is a spell that when used, creates a bluish ball of magic from the tip of user's wand which pops into small sprite at intended location. The caster can also instructed the summoned sprite to perform tasks.

In the first film, the history teacher used this spell to discipline Akko when she doze off during her class. In Keisuke Satō on the other hand, one of Dryads who poses as witch students from a rival magic school summoned Wisdom Fairies to dismantle Constanze's mechanized broom.

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