Taste Magic (味覚魔法 Mikaku Mahō?) is a type of Magic used to alter the taste of food.


Taste Magic is a magic applied to change the taste of food to the caster's preference, from making it more delicious to giving it an unpleasant taste or turning it poisonous.

Food Magic Spells

Flavoring Spell

Flavoring Spell is a spell which allows the caster to magically alter the taste of a food through manipulating or enhancing its properties, from making it sweeter or turning it into a poison (particularly if the said food has some amounts of potentially poisonous composition such as cyanide in apples).

In "Orange Submariner", this spell is used as a test during the Culinary Magic exam. Jasminka manages to use it correctly causing a grape to taste sweeter, whereas Akko ends up causing an apple to poison Professor Badcock through enhancing cyanide composition in it.


Catering Party Spell

Catering Party Spell is a spell which allow the caster to magically endows snacks (from small cookies to large cakes) healing properties, restoring those who consume them. The snacks in question needs to be prepared first before being enchanted with this spell.

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