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This template is supposed to be the base template for other tab templates.

This template idea is taken from the World Trigger Wiki. To see the original creators of the template, please visit the original template here.


{{Parent Tab

All parameters, except tab1, are optional.

  • backcolor - background color of active tab; default #DDDDDD;
  • altbackcolor - background color of inactive tabs; default transparent;
  • bordercolor - border color of every tab; default gray;
  • borderradius - border radius of every tab; default 4;
  • height - height of tabs, in em; default 3.8em;
  • minwidth - min. width of tabs, in em; default 5.0em;
  • maxwidth - max. width of tabs, in em; default 12.0em;
  • tab1 - an arbitrary title of the first tab;
  • tab2 - title of the second tab; it must correspond to the part after "/" of the name of the page, to which it links
  • tab3, tab4, tab5, tab6, tab7, tab8, tab9 - like tab2


|minwidth = 6
|maxwidth = 20
|height = 2.2
|tab1 = Introduction
|tab2 = Plot
|tab3 = Abilities
|tab4 = Relationships
|tab5 = Gallery
|tab6 = Misc
|backcolor = #FFFFFF
|altbackcolor = #BCC6CC
|bordercolor = gray}}
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