The Fountain of Polaris (ポラリスの泉 Porarisu no Izumi?) is the 6th episode of the Little Witch Academia anime series.

On Netflix, the episode is titled just "The Fountain".[2]


Unable to master even basic transformation magic, Akko is relegated to her room and must miss the welcome party for a VIP and his handsome son.


The episode begins with Samantha Badcock's class where her students practice the basic form of Metamorphosis Magic, Transformation Spell. Whereas most students managed to perform the spell with average success, Diana stands out from others as the rat she bewitched turns into a beautiful horse. Contrarily, Akko is only able to give herself animal traits. Unimpressed to see Akko ended up humiliated herself with her donkey ears and tail, Badcock forbids Akko to join the oncoming welcoming party for Earl of Hanbridge's as punishment.

Later that night, Luna Nova's preparation for Earl of Hanbridge's arrival has been completed, and the academy welcomed their guest who is accompanied by his bodyguard, his son Andrew, and Andrew's classmate Frank. Whereas every single one of the students starts fawning over Andrew's handsome look, only Diana who reacted differently as if she is dismayed his presence. As Lotte and Sucy are enjoying their banquet, Ursula inquired the two about Akko's whereabouts, in which they tell their teacher about their roommate's predicament. Meanwhile, Akko attempted to practice her metamorphosis magic to no avail, only able to give herself rabbit ears and nose in the process.

Back in the party, Paul is unimpressed by the dullness of Luna Nova's ancient dance performed by the students but kept it to himself to not offend the Headmistress. Frank tells Andrew that he caught an interest in Diana whose beauty stands out from the rest only to be dismayed by the young Hanbridge's indifference. Seeing his son grew weary from the dance, Paul suggested Holbrooke give Andrew a tour, prompting the headmistress to appoint Diana as the guide. It is then Frank learned that Andrew and Diana are childhood acquaintances.

After another attempt to practice Metamorphosis Magic to no avail even with Shiny Rod, Akko eventually gives up. Hopeless by this shortcoming, Akko wondered how did she able to use Shiny Rod twice and whether she really has magic potential. It is then she recalled on the Fountain of Polaris, and browsing some info about it from one of her Chariot cards and her books, Akko learned that the fountain endows a witch with inner radiance the powerful magic of stars and where to find it. Confident that the fountain will solve her problem, Akko decided to make haste for that place.

As Diana takes Andrew and Frank a tour around Luna Nova, Frank expresses her surprise over his classmate and Diana's connections as acquaintances, though Diana denied them being actual friends. Andrew revealed that many kids distanced themselves from the Cavendish during her childhood due to wary with her magical studies, in which Diana remarked that Andrew being too occupied by the girls around him to notice the importance in her said studies. Through the said conversation, the two are revealed to have debate over the importance of magic for a long time with Andrew expressed his cynicism over magic's future, irritating Frank. In the middle of that tour, Andrew got left behind due to distracted by the sight of Akko sneaking around the courtyard, leading to awkward encounter where the Hanbridge grabbed her ears twice, hurting her. Irritated by Andrew's low opinion about magic, Akko tried to demonstrate her Metamorphosis Magic only to unintentionally (or rather comically) gives the young man donkey ears and tail. Eluding Frank and Diana, Andrew reluctantly tags along with Akko in her search for the Fountain of Polaris somewhere at the north building of the Academy so they able to undo the spell once the Japanese get her hands on the star magic.

Meanwhile, Ursula, worried with Akko's progress, decided to check on her student's well-being at her dorm room. To her surprise, Akko has already left, but not without leaving an article of Fountain of Polaris and a Chariot Card pertaining the legendary location.

Entering the northern building, Akko and Andrew stumbled upon a large, worn-out wooden door which has a written warning in Latin that said; "Waken not the sleeping Arcas. As the protector of Polaris, Arcas will attack all those who approach the Fountain." Reading it, Andrew suggested against carelessly entering the area further only for Akko busted the door open, much to his chagrin. As soon as she did, the Japanese unwittingly stopped right in front of the said guardian; an angry polar bear-like creature with yellow four-pointed star-like crest on its snout. Fleeing from the angry creature, Andrew sarcastically remarked how "amazing" Luna Nova Academy is before the two stumbled upon a broken staircase that has a ladder which Akko hastily climbed. Because Arcas smashed the ladder into pieces before he could do the same, Andrew is forced to improvise by jumping over the bear itself with Arcas' snout as a footing, displaying a remarkable acrobatic feat in doing so. The chase continues at the upper floors where the floor underneath their feet collapsing under their weight, resulting the two hanging for their dear lives. Hilariously, whereas Andrew is hanging on the ledge of the building, Akko does the same on the hem of Andrew's pants instead, threaten to pull it off under her own weight. Realizing what happened, the embarrassed Akko cried out that she didn't mean to do that, which certainly doesn't help their situation as Andrew knows it — the angry Arcas lunges towards them in the middle of their argument, unwittingly causing three of them plummeting to the ground far below. Fortunately, Ursula appears and magically conjures magical bubbles around them each to slow their descent. As this happens, Ursula reverted the color of her hair, allowing the giant bear to recognize her as a friend.

A while later, Akko, upon regaining her consciousness, startled that she unintentionally sat on top of the awakened Andrew like with Sucy at Arcturus Forest. Finding the Fountain's entrance (a large arch made of roots adorned with seven stars arranged in a formation resembling big dipper), they walked through a staircase which leads to a fountain in the middle of space-like dimension. Recognizing the fountain as the Fountain of Polaris she seeked, Akko begged for it to give her the power over stars. Instead of granting her wish, the fountain is showed the Japanese about Chariot's past: Like her, Chariot once seeked the power of the stars in the Fountain of Polaris out of frustration over her shortcomings in magic, but the Fountain disappeared before her eyes, as she was not yet worthy of its power. Unwilling to give up, Chariot takes her studies more seriously, leading her becoming a talented witch and subsequently, proving her worth for the magic of stars the Fountain possessed. The Fountain's montage about Chariot's past ends when she demonstrated her newfound power by transforming into a fiery giant bird, before Akko and Andrew being unexpectedly teleported back to the section of northern building at which they found the Fountain's entrance, except the said entrance is nowhere to be found.

Just then, Ursula appears and tells Akko what actually happened; the fountain did appear, but when an incompetent witch goes there looking for that magic but is still unworthy to wield it, the fountain disappears before her eyes. Dismayed, Akko confessed that deep inside, she already knows that hard-working is necessary to become an accomplished witch who is acknowledged by everyone, something that Ursula agreed on. The Japanese then tearfully steeled her resolve to become better than she is now with Ursula returned the rod and advised her student to return to the fountain once she did. Revealing her knowledge over the two's predicament, Ursula nervously offered to undo the magic mishap that Akko inadvertently caused under the condition where Andrew keep the mishap a secret between them, in which the young Hanbridge agreed on.

The episode ends with Andrew and his father having a conversation over their visit, in which the latter sighed over their seemingly pointless visit other than to confirm that witches and magic indeed no longer have their place in modern era. Andrew asked his father why they keep visiting Luna Nova regardless, at which Paul explained that they did so in order to maintain the debt between them and Luna Nova...

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  • As Ursula explains to Akko how she can't expect to become a great witch stars without hard work, Chariot's leitmotif plays.
  • Ursula's hair transformation is vastly different from the first short film, being more smooth and instant instead of turning flame-like.
  • In Netflix worldwide release, the episode title was changed to The Fountain[3].
  • This episode takes place in June, along with "Night Fall" and "Luna Nova and the White Dragon", as stated in the chronicles book.[4]


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