• Hi, Juanito316.

    Just let you know that Fandyllic has created Magic Spell/removed page to contain spells that has been removed from their lists in Magic Spell page but yet to be decided whether their removal being necessary. He did so due to someone had removed spells on the list without leaving a note to explain why more than twice, and the prime suspect of this crime is likely Erender (unfortunately, he's too quiet that he ignored every single messages that sent to him).

    You should check it out to see which spells that best to be returned to Magic Spell page.

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    • I was gonna ban them but looking at their history and the page's history it seems nobody's doing any actual vandalism and that was an isollated case. On the other hand, about that article Fandyllic created, I think it could be a nice way to list everything that isn't (or we don't know if it is) a spell. It'd need a better name, though.

      Actually, I think the Magic Spell article is too extensive. We should probably divide it in sub-articles.

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    • Good point.

      Given the article Fandyllic created was arguably meant to be part of the page's maintenance, I don't think renaming that page is necessary. Oh, and since you said Magic Spell article is too extensive, I decided to move some of the spells on the list to their following respective magics which you can see here:

      What do you think? Please reply soon!

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    • Looks nice. We should probably point out that the classifications we use are unofficial, outside of the trivia of Lightning Magic that is.

      As for the main Magic Spell page, I hink each type should just have a short description and a link to the main article.

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    • Curious questions and notifications:

      A. Did you know that Yō Yoshinari had some plans in continuing Little Witch Academia series one day where it might about either Night Fall series or even prequel series which focuses on Chariot's early life?

      Fire Valkyrie
      Not-so-trivial question: If one day someone choose Akko to become some sort of knight-esque, armor-clad magical girl resembling the image on the side because magical world is threatened by evil forces so awful that it might too much for Chariot to handle alone, how you think Akko deal with that?

      C. What's your opinion about Ursula aka. Chariot in the light of the reveal in Episode 22 and Episode 23 where she turned out to be tricked by Croix to use Dream Fuel Spirit on her audiences where among victims were Akko and Diana?

      D. Given how Akko expressed her gratitude to Ursula aka. Chariot in Episode 24 and even awakened the Final Word, do you think it can be inferred that Akko has truly forgiven Chariot? And do you found it plausible that she overheard Ursula crying out how much she blamed herself for indirectly causing Croix's fall from grace as well as handicapping Akko's magical abilities when she and her friends are about to interfere her fight against Noir Rod's dragon form?

      E. What's your favorite tokusatsu series?

      F. If one day Akko meets and befriends a war veteran, how you think their friendship looked like?

      G. What's your opinion if Croix is turned out to be a Genderfluid Witch? What I mean Genderfluid Witch is a type of witch who, due to one or more certain hereditary magical traits, gifted with the ability to alter her own gender at will without the need of either potion or direct magic. It is an uncommon (if not outright rare) hereditary ability even in standards of people of magical community, and records about it is somewhat limited, likely because most genderfluid witches are comfortable with their natural (female) gender. In fact, Ursula aka. Chariot reacted with curiosity and wonder upon learning Croix's genderfluid nature when unintentionally stumbled upon her bathing while in her male form. (Note: For further understanding in genderfluid ability, see Gender Transformation page in Superpower Wiki).

      H. Have you made a Discord account? I just have joined a LWA-related discord which invite link you can see below, though I'm not sure whether it is the same LWA Discord related to this wikia:

      I. Juanito, not too long ago I made a blog which can be a best glossary for Little Witch Academia series which you can see here. What do you think?

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