• Hi, Navid.

    Did you heard the news that there's an arson attack at Kyoto Animation building? I figured it out from Instagram and Tumblr before checking it out at Google. Here's the info from BBC News:

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    • Yes :(

      I am deeply devastated and disgusted by this. It really hurts to see that humans can be so cruel. So many innocent people were killed ruthlessly by a crazy and repulsive man, and all they were doing was working on their job.

      Kyoto Animation and Studio Trigger are my favorite animation studios. My prayer goes to all of the Kyoto Animation staff members and their families. May the ones that were killed rest in peace, and let's remember them for all their amazing work.

      Death is something that unfortunately cannot be redone. But Kyoto Animation can still recover from this devastating attack, and people from all over the world have donated to a fundraiser by Sentai Filmworks, where all the donated money will go to KyoAni. With all the money donated, KyoAni should hopefully be able to recover.

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    • Let's us hope.

      Although I'm not really the fan of Kyoto Animation Studio's works, what happened to that studio was still disheartening. While I remains optimistic that the studio will recover despite its loss (most workers and old works), I felt the incident should be more than enough to be a wake-up call for every, I mean EVERY single animation studio (especially Studio Trigger) to improve their security and other management to counteract disasters and other related incidents and crimes. The ******* who burned Kyoto Animation Studio has an advantage where the building lacked sprinklers and/or fire extinguishers to control the fire, a mistake which I found no better than Titanic ship which lacked enough safety boats.

      About the perpetrator of the fire, Shinji Aoba, turned out has at least one criminal record where he was once robbed a convenient store with a knife and threaten his own neighbors. But the thing that disturb me most however, the ******* is revealed to have a number of knives in his disposal which he unintentionally dropped in the scene of the crime!!! Apparently, he also intended to hack every escaping survivors with those, though luckily, his clumsiness in setting the whole studio ablaze prevent him from carrying such act.

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    • Anyway, have you ever heard of an incident called Columbine High School massacre? I'm sorry if this question may potentially not improve your mood over the arson attack at Kyoto Animation building, but I can't help but wonder whether Shinji Aoba may intended to surpass that terrible incident.

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    • Kyoto Animation has created a lot of my favorite anime. Although their works aren't action-oriented, they still have wonderful animation and beautiful visuals. As you may know, the anime industry is in a struggle right now with workers being overworked. Kyoto Animation is a studio that always puts priority into the health and wellbeing of their workers to prevent this harmful work environment present in many studios. Even if you don't watch their anime, I'm sure you'd appreciate them for that.

      Which can't help but make me even angrier how this shameless jerk who doesn't deserve to be called a human being set fire to the studio and killed so many innocent people. Who on Earth that is sane would do this to an animation studio with such a healthy work environment??? Absolutely disgusting. It makes me sick to my stomach. I wouldn't be surprised if that crazy idiot has countless criminal records. I hope he never sees the light of day again. He deserves death, not all the innocent KyoAni workers.

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    • And of course I have heard about the Columbine High School massacre. A horrible event that was. School shootings should never happen. They're the worst. And the root cause for most shootings is the shooters' terrible experiences at their school that have left them depressed. I wish they could just ask for help from the school counselors and therapists instead of killing several people to get revenge.

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    • Couldn't agree with you more. Shinji Aoba indeed deserves death for what he had done. Not to mention he proved himself no better than the Otaku Killer himself and only bring nothing but another addition of Japan's dark history.

      The reason why I asked you about Columbian High School massacre is because I imagined that Kyoto Animation arson could be as worse as the former: Had Aoba more competent and bitter in committing such crime, there's a possibility of him would attempting to skewer animators who managed to escape the fire in anger with knives he brought along with others who try to stop him, even police officers. It was fortunate that Kyoto Animation still has hope to recover despite this horrific loss and he was in the custody while treated in hospital, waiting for the real comeuppance of his actions.

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    • Talking about massacre, have you ever heard about the game called Hatred? It is a disturbing game about a mentally disturbed man who set out to kill everybody before dying violently.

      You can check out the trailer of that game here. But I must warn you...

      once you see that video...

      it'll likely **** you up for life.

      Anyway, you have been warned!

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    • Yeah...

      Yes, I see what you mean. Although what happened was terrible and unforgivable, it's a relief he managed to do less damage than he originally planned to. It means he wasn't entirely successful, and Kyoto Animation can still thrive on.

      Nope, I haven't heard of it before. But it sounds terrifying. Not sure if I want to check the trailer out...

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    • At least I gave you warning whether to ckeck out the trailer of Hatred game. The first time I checked it out, it greatly disturb me for days!

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    • Anyway, I got a good news about Kyoto Animation:

      According to KyoAni's website, Studio 1's data is fully recoverable as the main server was on the 1st floor surrounded by concrete and was unaffected by the fire.

      On another lighter note, Chief Cabinet Secretary Yoshihide Suga held a press conference in response to the Kyoto Animation fire and considers tax breaks for domestic and international donations in the bid to promote more donations to help train new animators.

      At least Kyoto Animation still rise from this fall, though I worried about the maggot Shinji Aoba over this turn of events. He would likely got angry if he ever finds out.

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    • Yes. That is good news.

      I don't think that hobo nobody can do any more harm. Let him be angry how he wasn't able to achieve his goal.

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    • Yes.

      Although my concern about him doesn't go away, I'm more than certain he eventually executed for damages and deaths he caused on that studio.

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