• Navid 1600, I have a question: Does the art of alchemy was mentioned or discussed in anime TV series of Little Witch Academia?

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    • I'm not really sure, but I don't think so? Although it would have been cool

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    • Consealchemy

      Constanze's Alchemy demonstration


      Akko's poor alchemy

      I just realized that Alchemy was indeed featured in TV series of Little Witch Academia after rewatching Episode 7 some time ago. In fact, it was listed among Luna Nova's subjects as "Fundamental Alchemy" since the academy taught basics of it. Not to mention as fundamental alchemy involves changing things (a technique which referred as transmutation), it can also overlaps with Metamorphosis Magic (though the latter uses magic energy to add extra mass on a target item which changed into huge ones). Too bad the series hasn't fully explore it yet that we ended up easily overlooked it.

      I remember Alchemy is included as one of Luna Nova's subjects and kinda overlapped with Metamorphosis Magic due to mostly involving its basics as revealed in Episode 7 and possibly, the beginning of Enchanted Parade where Akko and her fellow Luna Nova student uses fusion magic to create basic chimeras. Unfortunately, the series hasn't yet to disclose more info about it, which may explained why you overlooked it to begin with.

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    • Navid 1600 wrote: I'm not really sure, but I don't think so? Although it would have been cool

      Your reply above indicated that you seemed to know a thing or two about alchemy. Would you like to disclose everything you know about it to me? Did you know it from manga series Fullmetal Alchemist?

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    • Oh yeah. I was wondering if that counts as alchemy or not, and since it seemed to be more like Metamorphosis Magic to me, I didn't mention it. Though now I can see how it can count as alchemy. But yeah, I'd like for the show to go deeper into alchemy.

      I do have a little bit of knowledge about alchemy, though it's not entirely because of Fullmetal Alchemist. I haven't even watched or read FMA! Though I plan to someday.

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    • I also wished to see Little Witch Academia series to go deeper into alchemy as soon as its oncoming new season is released as well, considering it was not fully explored (only featured in Orange Submariner as part of the test Constanze excels in) and my favorite dark tokusatsu Garo features alchemy, particularly its anime spin-offs. I even have a plan in making a page about alchemy in Little Witch Academia wiki despite only having limited info for it.

      As about Fullmetal Alchemist series, if you wanted to straight for the anime, I suggested you to watch Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood cuz that anime TV series is much more faithful to original manga as well as better than 2003 version.

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    • Oh, and I have added an intriguing info in Metamorphosis Magic page which may plausible enough to differentiate it with Alchemy:

      Comparison with Transmutation Technique in Alchemy

      Although similar, Metamorphosis Magic has less limitations than transmutation technique in alchemy despite both enable the user to change a target object into another. The latter is completely restricted by the law of equivalent exchange (any form the target object is turned into must have equal mass and shares same basic makeup and properties with those of its original state), something which Metamorphosis Magic bypasses through utilized magic energy which either increase or reduce the mass of the target as well as completely altering its properties and basic makeup in accordance of the form the user wishes to at varying degree. Also, transmutation technique in alchemy appears to require greater understanding of inherent structure and properties of the atomic/molecular makeup of the target object (which includes the flow and balance of potential and kinetic energy within) given than object transformations via. Metamorphosis Magic can be easily reversed, if not outright temporary. Lastly, unlike transmutation technique which mostly apply on inanimate matter Metamorphosis Magic can be used on any target (including living beings such as a caged rat).

      Do you found information above is plausible enough?

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    • Yep.

      I know that Brotherhood is the one that follows the manga, yeah. Though I've also heard good things about the first FMA anime, Brotherhood still seems to be better according to everybody who has watched both.

      Yes, that information is plausible enough. We don't really need an alchemy page, just a section should be fine, I suppose, since we barely know much about it.

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