• Hi, Sophiedp

    Do you have some free time for grammar checking on this wikia? Just curious as I have expanded lots of pages in here but at times I unintentionally overlooked some grammar errors.

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    • uh sure, which pages do you want me to check?

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    • Pappiliodya:

      • "seeing a drop of the said poison crystallized a small bug."
      • "the Witch herself, which dying for some reasons."
      • "cards and Ursula just found the answer over the tree's weakened state."
      • "caught Diana in the scene with the tree's"

      Don't Stop Me Now:

      • "Akko cannot take off to the air for some reasons."
      • "with the problem before reprimanded Amanda"
      • "learning that the winner also given a prize from"
      • "through following methods;"
      • "that the brunette still have much to learn as of now..."

      Night Fall:

      • "when all students left asleep as Lotte"
      • "about her predicament and Annabel haters' live chat."
      • "they'll likely ditched their course"
      • "As all staffs in the building noticed something off"

      Luna Nova and the White Dragon:

      • "potion class the students are assigned"
      • "how terrified the teachers of dragons are"
      • "for this all may after the Stone for themselves, Akko rally the her friends"
      • "only for Constanze and Jasminka completed both with an"
      • "caught the Japanese on the air."
      • "Just then, Diana and Finnelan entered the room and have everyone reviewing contract note Fafnir signed long ago, which written in Dragonese, ancient language that professors of Luna Nova and their predecessors not familiar with."
      • "he believed none of the staffs can decipher it"
      • "of the payments through contract between"
      • "but Luna Nova will provide him the proper documentation about the refunding of the overpayments nevertheless."
      • "With Luna Nova reclaimed their Sorcerer's Stone thanks to Diana"
      • "heir detention ends as soon as they completed the task"
      • "is an ref to Powerpuff Girls to how the girls are made of."

      The Fountain of Polaris:

      • "look on the young man for some reasons"
      • "but keep it to himself"
      • "jumping onto Akko's side"
      • "who just've opened his eyes"

      Orange Submariner:

      • "seriously, Akko still finding herself at disadvantage,"
      • "Bird Language (resulting her getting C and another ridicule from Hannah and Barbara, again), Basic White Magic, Bird Language"
      • "her to trip and fell flat on her face"
      • "and even poorly fooled Nelson who sensed something off in "Pisces""
      • "The episode ends with Akko and Ursula giggles together before continuing their work."

      Sleeping Sucy:

      • "Akko in case of her botched it."
      • "However, at the very last moments"
      • "as she hastily change her clothes"
      • "near Sucy's pillow."
      • "Removing offending mushroom"
      • "Her worry is abruptly turned a desperation as to her horror"
      • "into a giant drake-like form"
      • "except the said funnel doesn't present this time"

      are all the grammar/formatting issues that I've found, as well as a general lack of links to characters such as Akko and etc. (every mention of akko shouldn't be a link, but there should be atleast one at the start)

      I don't know how many of these are gonna be easy to fix, so let me know if you can't find what the issue is, and I'll try to explain it to you.

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    • Got it. That'll be it for now.

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    • A FANDOM user
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