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    22:17, February 15, 2020

    Exucse me! it would appear there was a misunderstanding when i was on the MHA discord. I had a little trouble showing my work cause of three things: Sexual harrassment, inappropriate chat, and copywrite infringement. I know it's illegal but... i would like to apologize to this behavior. I did show their rights, i'm sorry for any sexual loli behavior, and the chat i shown is ont what i thought. I was only asking for ideas that's all. Then it triggered a chain reaction to your LWA discord which kicked me out. I'll have you know, i did show the rights to their rightful owners in the fanfic called "ParaNorman Activitia" which can be seen at the end of the fanfic. if would you be so kind for them at the server to unblock me, that would be nice. but i promise this won't happen again. I do full blame through. Thanks for what the wiki haas done for give us some info on the characters and the story so far.

    -ASG (B-M)

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