• It's been a while, Sophiedp.

    Few hours ago, a user named Bearr2061 left a demeaning comment at Diana Cavendish's page as follows:

    Why the hell is the trivia section so cluttered with all this unnecessary stuff? Like just put things that have more direct relations to the show or just Diana if your feeling like a real professional. Why am I seeing comparisons to other shows and books? I don't care if you think she's like some characters from bnha save it for the comments why am I seeing stuff about my little pony? None of this matters I could say she looks like she has seaweed hair but don't put it in the trivia! Jesus this fandom is embarrassing.

    I find his statement being nothing but offense to those who worked hard in keeping this site alive and improving it. So, not only I removed the comment, but also gave him a warning not to do that again for his sake. As the matter of fact, I was once made similarly rude comment on a fandom site and got permabanned as result, though I'd rather not to discuss it.

    Do you think I was strict enough? Or I took an unnecessary action?

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    • I think what you did was fine, you could have also mentioned that he could edit the page if he doesn't like it.

      Edit: actually the page is locked, so he can't technically edit it, but he could have asked for it to be edited instead then.

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    • Glad to hear that.

      I even talked with a friend of mine who also a fellow FANDOM admin and he suggests to block the jerk, though I supposed to wait whether he heeds my warning first.

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    • yeah, if they don't head your warning, tell them that the next time they do it, it will be a block, and if they do it again, then block them for a short time (a week or less)

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    • A FANDOM user
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