The Time Demon (時の魔神 Toki no Majin?) is a very ancient demon with power over time magic. The legends said that he locked himself in the Labyrinth of Pollux to hide from those who intended to exploit such forbidden art. Only those who have a Talisman of Time, a token that proves their worth, can negotiate with it.


In the labyrinth, the Time Demon manifests in the form of a gigantic monster that strikingly resembled a titan albeit twice the size with blue meridian glow (though the glow changes when he buffs his combat abilities). As such, it's unclear what his true form actually looked like.


The Time Demon is shown to be very serious and reserved. Knowing the dangers of his own magic, he does not open his ears to anyone who does not possess a Talisman of Time. However, as with other demons, he has a treacherous, if not outright cheating side, offering grant wishes in exchange for a high price, in his case, memories.

Powers and Abilities

True to his namesake, the Time Demon has the power over time via. forbidden Time Magic, as he demonstrated from breaking the time loop caused by the power of the Horologium Chamber. The extent of his said ability, however, arguably pale compared to that of Horologium Clock, as Molly, with use of the said device, able to restore the time loop while simultaneously undo the pact between the demon and Akko and her gang. He is also able to communicate with others through telepathy as seen during the negotiation between him and Akko and co.

In combat, Time Demon is a powerful adversary, able to make use of his Titan-like form's brute strength and great durability. In addition to this, he can project energy mortars from his fists.



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