Troll (トロル Tororu?) is a race of huge, humanoid creatures noted for their great strength. Some of them happened to be among magical creatures who works at Luna Nova as laborers.


Appearance-wise, the particular breed of trolls who worked at Luna Nova resembles cyclops as both possess similar stature and pointed ears, but with a normal pair of dark green eyes and moss-green skin. All trolls in question are shown in the series appear to be male.

Powers and Abilities

Befitting their large stature, trolls have an immense amount of physical strength. A troll is able to carry heavy items like multiple metal shafts which normally require multiple people to carry. If they are deprived of magical energy, they will considerably weakened.

The troll who worked at Luna Nova seemed to hailed from a breed that not bothered by sunlight with no ill-effects, as it was known that sunlight can turn certain troll breeds into stone.

Known Trolls



  • Trolls are at times erroneously referred as Orcs in Keisuke Satō manga's fansubs.
  • Only one breed of trolls that introduced in the franchise around this point.
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