Mr. Holbrook

Sadly, he is undead, but still a lively zombie.

Undeads refer to beings that are actually deceased but behave as if they were alive. A handful of them made appearances in Little Witch Academia anime TV Series.


Undeads are deceased living beings bound to the mortal world in death due to certain circumstances. A common example of the undead is a corpse re-animated by supernatural forces, by the application of either mystical forces, the deceased's own life force or that of another being (such as a Demon), or both. Ghosts are also considered as undead due to them being disembodied souls of once-living creatures that return to haunt the living. The magical practice to revive the dead (especially as undead beings) is greatly frowned that the perpetrator would be subjected to punishment that according to Lukić, is "100 times more painful and horrible than things which already horrible that you'll wish that you were dead".

Since they are already dead, Undeads lack physical weakness they had in life, such as pain, need to rest, vulnerability to environmental effects, etc. Some, however, due to the certain nature of their reanimation, might need to consume various substances (blood, flesh, life-force) to remain active. Being clinically dead, their brains and bodies are immune to most powers that affect living beings.

Known Types of Undead


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Undead beings that brought to life as animated skeletons. Despite having lost most, if not all of their flesh due to decomposition, skeletons typically as fast and agile as they were in life.


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Ghosts are the disembodied souls of once-living beings bound to the mortal world due to certain circumstances. Some groups of magic users such as Wild Hunters are tasked to banish them back to the afterlife to prevent potential problems they pose to the mortal world.

Spirit Minions

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A variant of ghosts that allegedly converted into thralls of an undead lord in some way.


Mummies are reanimated corpses whose skin and organs have been preserved in death, whether through natural means or done intentionally. One of the known mummies are Divine Cats who debuted in Little Witch Academia: Chamber of Time as the game's recurring boss.


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Vampires are deceased humans revived by a contagious curse that endows them superhuman abilities and unique powers at the cost of becoming a bloodthirsty shadow of their mortal selves.


A type of undead that popularized by fiction. They are animated corpses that brought to life with body that often partially decomposing in contrast of skeletons (who have lost most of their flesh from decomposition or mummies (which organs and skin preserved through natural or artificial means). Depending on how they revived, they can be either mindless or cannibalistic like zombies in popular culture, or retaining their intelligence, memories, and sense of self in life (at which they are referred as Revenants). Mr. Holbrooke, who accidently revived by Akko as a zombie in a freak accident in Blytonbury's Undead Travelogue, is technically a revenant since he retained his sense of self in life despite the post-reanimation amnesia.

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