Ural (ウラル Uraru?) is a character in Little Witch Academia. She is the author of a magical novel that won the Nobel Prize for literature and a former student of Luna Nova Academy.


Ural is an elderly woman with short, plum hair. She wears a blue suit and pointed hat, a monocle and her stoat familiar around her neck like a scarf.


Although not much is known about her, Ural is shown to be a serious and elegant woman.


TV Series

Samhain Magic

Ural is one of the special guests at the Samhain Festival. She presents the show next to Dorlin and Marjolaine and like her fellow guests, she finds the Samhain Festival boring. However, she was overjoyed by Akko and co.'s presentation, laughing during the whole presentation due to Akko's antics and poor magical skill, and was impressed when they were able to free Vajarois of her curse.


Miranda Holbrooke

She seems to have a low opinion of Headmistress Holbrooke, blaming her for the lackluster presentation at the festival and the poor state of magic at Luna Nova in general.

Voice Actors

Language Voice actor
Japanese Chinatsu Akasaki


  • "Ural" might come from the Ural region in Russia.
    • Additionally, "Ural" is a Slavonic name meaning "from the mountains".
    • Hungarians are descendants of tribes who lived in the Ural mountains. This could be another nod to her being a reference to Marie Curie, as Curie herself was Hungarian.


  • Her voice actress, Chinatsu Akasaki, also voices Barbara.
  • She may be a reference to Marie Curie due to her appearance and work.


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