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Little Witch Academia
The Seven Stars! I never thought that they would shine again.

Little Witch Academia (movie)

The Enchanted Parade
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TV Series
Are you ready to journey into the land of magic?

—as Shiny Chariot, "A New Beginning"

Never forget, a believing heart is your magic.

—"A New Beginning"

Hmm? What's the matter, Alcor?

—as Ursula Callistis, "A New Beginning"

No way! The forbidden forest of Arcturus?!

—"A New Beginning"

Fate and magic will surely guide you.

— "Don't Stop Me Now"

Stop right there! You may see Miss Kagari as just a poor student unable to use magic if you compare her to her classmates. But she has learned to understand fish language, and although she has yet to master it, she's continuously improving her metamorphosis magic! You should not be comparing her to other students, but to how she was on the day of her enrollment!

— "Orange Submariner"

Should you not be appraising how she is unable to ignore those suffering before her, putting their feelings above her own desires? Putting grades or outward appearances above that is pure foolishness! I approve of her!

— "Orange Submariner"

It has been a while. Quite a few years have past since we last met, Professor Woodward.

— "Blue Moon"

If Chariot was here, she might say something like this: Don't compare yourself to others, do what only you can do.

— "What You Will"

You haven't changed one bit, especially how you want everything for yourself!

— "Chariot of Fire"

Even if I can never shine again, I will protect Akko!

— "Chariot of Fire"

Akko! Didn't you learn to be patient? Even if the road is winding, you must work hard at what you can do now. That is the kind of witch you must become.

— "Wagandea"

I want to bring fun to all! I want to make everyone in the world forget their sadness and hatred with a smile!

— "Wagandea"

No matter how much I may fail, I still want to give people a fun and exciting time. It was that feeling that kept me going. And then, as I stayed true to my belief, a staff of seven stars appeared before me. If I could revive the seven words with that staff, I would obtain the world reconstruction magic, Grand Triskellion. I had no doubt it was a fantastic magic, able to bring joy to people's hearts!

— "Yesterday"

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