Black Soulstone

aka BSoulstone

Headmistress Teacher
  • I live in Earth
  • My occupation is Classified
  • I am Male
Chariot SD art
Black Soulstone is a member of the Little Witch Academia Wiki's staff team. As a bureaucrat, they perform the typical duties of an administrator and additionally help the wiki by establishing rules and managing user rights. Please use their message wall if you need their help.

Black Soulstone is one of names of mine that can be understood, and I have degree of knowledge of Little Witch Academia. And I come here for help...

My Favorite Shipping

Straight Shipping

Same Sex Ships

My Favorite Characters

Atsuko Kagari
Diana final design w
Diana Cavendish
Chariot-Ursula worried
Ursula Callistis
Sucy Manbavaran
Molly McIntyre

Chariot Cards

My favorite walkthroughs

Pages Created

A New Beginning to Michiru Ohshima
Michiru Oshima to Yō Yoshinari
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