I have watched all episodes of Little Witch Academia so far and I love them, but part that intrigued and depressed me is the truth about Chariot's role in crippling Akko's magic that Akko rendered incapable to fly (which turned out can be reversed). Part of me feels such revelation is not heartbreaking enough. How about something else happened instead which equally depressing? Here's following scenarios which more depressing than inability to fly:

Loss of Magical Childhood Friend

Akko is revealed to be host of a sentient magic she cherished as childhood friend and guardian angel, but lost it at one point in her life, and her education at Luna Nova is partly to restore her childhood magical friend. When Chariot revealed to have sucked her magic, Akko is greatly depressed that her said idol was seemingly "killed" the said friend when she attended her show.

Human Reincarnation of Nidhoggr

Akko learned from Ursula about Nidhoggr, a terrifying beast who once terrorized Earth and come close in consuming Yggdrasil. In spite of destruction and deaths it caused, Nidhoggr is actually tragic monster tormented by its everlasting hunger which warped it. Nidhoggr eventually defeated by Nine Olde Witches, but instead of killed, they have the beast's soul reincarnated into another being with Yggdrasil's power. Even so, the beast's rampage and legendary power inspired Croix to revive it to gain ultimate power along with Grand Triskellion. When Akko learned that Ursula had absorbed her magic that she had to face greater hardships than her peers, her distress and denial triggers her transformation into Nidhoggr.

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